AI and ML: The Path to Modernizing Applications and Services

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16th November 2021, 10:00AM CST

About Data Story – Expert Podcast Series

Join The Data Story podcast, where two veterans of the Data & Analytics industry cut through the chase and bring you the most relevant technology trends transforming the industry. James Serra and Khalil Sheikh have helped transform several Fortune 100 enterprises into data-driven enterprises. This fortnightly podcast will equip you with the best practices, tools, and frameworks available that will help you spearhead your business insights journey. Stay tuned

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AI and ML is everywhere – Let us look around

Do you still consider AI and ML as out of reach technology investments considering the know-how and high technology understanding? Are you a small or medium business still thinking that AI and ML will not impact your business? It is time to rethink it. AI is impacting all the aspects of our human life and every business – your family doctor now has everything from past medical records, wearables and medication adherence to assist with your next treatment; your credit score is not just the financial information that you provide, but also about your utility bills, monthly spending, shopping bills and rent payments.

AI and ML power the world’s best recommendation systems from Amazon and Netflix. Around 30% of all sales are through AI-powered personalized recommendations, as per a report from Salesforce.

AI and ML enable quick and to-the-point decision support systems and a lot more for your business. It is time to roll up your sleeves and operationalize AI and ML in your business. Join our podcast by industry experts James Serra and Khalil Sheikh to know more about application modernization using AI and ML.

Guests on this episode

James Serra
James Serra

James Serra is a Data Platform Architecture Lead at EY, and previously was a big data and data warehousing solution architect at Microsoft for seven years. He is a thought leader in the use and application of Big Data and advanced analytics, including solutions involving hybrid technologies of relational and non-relational data, Hadoop, MPP, IoT.

Khalil Sheikh

Khalil Sheikh is the Executive Vice President of Saxon. Under his leadership, Saxon is transforming from an IT Staffing and services organization into a new age digital transformation partner and a strong brand. Khalil has extensive experience in the IT services industry and in turning around businesses by promoting growth and profitability.

Our Experts talk about:

  • Reimagining and rethinking about your future applications and processes with AI and ML.
  • Scaling up AI and ML from simple to complex use cases and every business application.
  • Is it enough to have a team of data scientists to steer you to adapt AI and ML?
  • What could be the easy steps for AI and ML adoption for a business of any size – large, medium, and small?
  • How can the AI and ML capabilities in Microsoft platforms be leveraged to build intelligent products and solutions, design intelligent processes, and craft exceptional experiences?
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    AI and ML for your Enterprise Needs

    AI and ML is now more accessible to enterprises than before with the advances in the tools landscape. New product avenues, customer experience, productivity and efficiencies, cost management, continue to be the priority areas for AI and ML investment. To talk about your business domains, every domain is witnessing the transformation. As per Gartner, around 50% of the supply chain organizations will invest in AI and ML between 2020 and 2024. Your HR is now bound to improve candidate experience with AI, marketing teams leveraging AI for targeted campaigns and contextual understanding. Many operations teams are using AI to monitor worker’s safety and hazardous conditions. No more rethinking, Join our podcast for quick and easy transformation with AI and ML.

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