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Other / April, 30 2020

4 Things To Stay Relevant and Save Your Job During This Crisis

The COVID 19 pandemic has turned our world upside down, especially our work. With 26 million Americans filing for unemployment within five weeks, the job security aspect is likely to come in our mind. 

Here are some facts:

Weekly jobless claims totaled 4.4 million last week, slightly more than expected. (Source: CNBC)

The five-week total is now 26.4 million, more than all of the jobs added since the Great Recession. (Source: CNBC)

There is a lot of uncertainty in the environment. Amid this uncertainty, there is a silver lining. There are some ways you can adopt to prove your worth and thrive even during this challenging situation.  Undoubtedly, difficult times demand resilience to make yourself more appealing during this period.  Here are some steps that you can take to make sure that you are worthy, and you are the fittest one for the job. In this race, you need to compete with yourself and transform it into your new version.

1 – Be Adaptable and Resilient

Being resilient is an essential trait at this time. You need to be able to handle challenges in this current situation. You need to evolve. Stay updated with the current industry trends. Adjust to the new circumstances in your company and industry. Move forward and take projects/responsibilities that need to be handled in this new circumstance. Whether it is conducting virtual meetings or taking additional responsibilities, don’t let anything go.

If somebody asks you to do something out of your work scope, be ready to help. You need to be open to filling in wherever you think you can help. These are the things that will set you apart. During this period, be thoughtful and kind to your teammates.

2 – Out-of-the-box thinking

This is the best time to explore your creativity. Bring creativity in your work that benefits the entire organization. Be the master of your skills, brainstorm new ways to get the things done in this tough time faster. When the whole industry is looking at the ways to sail through this situation, you cannot sit idle. Play Your Role Aggressively. People with creative thinking and problem-solving ability are the most sought after in this current situation. Who does not want to have someone who can solve their pain points? The only bad idea is not to have any idea at all.

3 – Learning Never Ends

We have heard and recited many times that ‘Learning never ends.’ This is the best time to bring this learning into action. Learn new things related to your industry and be adaptable to change. Develop additional skills. If you are a social media marketing executive, you can decide to improve your data analytical skills to make a better analysis of the performance and enhance the engagement. You do not have to make the 180-degree shift, start with small steps but be consistent, and learn every day. As you start picking up new skills and knowledge, you will be more productive.

Sharpen your skills related to your industry

4 – Have Get-The-Things-Done Attitude

Employers will love to have a teammate with get-the-things-done attitude. While companies are focusing on developing business models and revenue streams to keep their business afloat, they would like to have team members who can get things done quickly. Be the person who can roll up his/her sleeves and take the task at hand, no matter how small or big a job is.

This is the time when people with determination, dedication, and grit will survive and stand out from others.

There is no assurance that these steps will not let your employer lay off but surely help you to strengthen your position in the current organization and boost your skills, in case you decide to explore new opportunities or projects.

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