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Other / October, 12 2020

5 Ways To Keep Cloud Cost Under Control

Cloud Technology is all about convenience, security, speed, agility, and, most importantly, Cost Savings. Cloud Cost overspend is the harsh reality of this growing technology. Enterprises have started experiencing the heat of cloud costs.

Cloud technology is supposed to reduce the overall IT infrastructure cost. On the contrary to this, many enterprises complained to have higher cloud clots bill resulting in overspend. Here are some burning facts of this harsh reality:

Adobe software development team in the year of 2018 incurred $80,000 a day in unscheduled cloud operations, which finally exceeded the entire cloud cost bill to half a million dollars.

Adobe is not alone in this category. There are several enterprises surprised because of the unforeseen cloud bills. As per a report, almost 60% of enterprises outspend their dedicated or planned cloud budgets. 

1 – Estimate Before You Begin Cloud Journey (Use Cloud Cost Calculators)

We all love surprises, only when it is not in your bills. If you want to avoid the unforeseen cloud cost bills, you should start by adequately estimating your cloud services. Most cloud vendors provide free cloud cost calculators, where you can get the customized estimate of your cloud usage based on your requirements.

Saxon Free Cloud Estimator

2 – Choose The Right Region

The operations costs of the cloud vendors differ from region to region. Depending on the geographical region, most of the enterprises price their services. For instance, it might be cheaper to store your rarely accessed data in the remote storage regions. Moreover, you would wish to have your frequently accessed data in the same region where VM instances are available to mitigate the inter-region costs. Selecting the right region is highly essential, yet only a small number of enterprises pay attention to this aspect.

3 – Avoid Cloud Wastage

Wastage is always detrimental to progress. Cloud wastage refers to a situation wherein enterprises deploy resources more than they require. This action results in idle assets incurring huge costs. Get more information about how to avoid cloud wastage, read our blog, ‘How To Avoid Cloud Wastage’. 

4 – Dynamic Cloud Monitoring

Would you like to be charged for idle resources? Due to a proper and dynamic cloud monitoring system’s unavailability, enterprises fail to track and close the orphaned resources. Orphaned resources are the biggest contributors in the Cloud wastage. Ignoring cloud monitoring will cost you huge. 

Download the Ebook loaded with best Cloud Monitoring Strategies.

5 – Have you heard about Auto-scaling?

Auto-scaling is a feature offered by cloud vendors to allocate the resources based on the demand automatically. Most of the cloud vendors provide this feature. With this feature, your resources will be automatically allocated during the peak hours and reduced when the resource is not required, i.e., no idle resources. To learn more about the best Auto scaling strategies, read our blog. The Best Auto Scaling Strategies. 

Above mentioned 5 methods to control your cloud cost are the most effective ways to put the cap on your cloud overspend. Try these proven methods.   

There are plenty of ebooks and other assets available over the web related to cloud cost optimization. If you want to optimize your AWS cloud cost, here is an Ebook loaded with the most practical approach to optimizing the cloud cost. Download The AWS Cost Optimization Ebook.

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