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Other / November, 02 2020

Be The Sponsor for Your Teammates’ Hard work.

The workplace is nothing but a second home. Everything that happens at the workplace impacts the personal as well as professional lives of the individuals. A team leader/manager holds the responsibility of managing the team. Keeping your team members motivated all the time, and happy at the workplace is not an easy task. However, some leaders always focus their activities on achieving the targets and goals. They never go beyond these activities. Here come the team leaders different from the others. The one who never skips supporting his/her team members in a time of need. The one who always sponsors the hard work of his/her teammates. 

Remember, a true leader takes everyone together towards success. Sometimes leaders push others to lead because of their potentials. It is not about leading others; it is about helping others.

What does sponsor mean in the workplace?

Shoutout the achievements of an underrepresented person in the workplace is the spending. Giving those people a platform to showcase their potentials is sponsoring. There would be some coworkers among you whose hard work and achievements go unnoticed. You can be the sponsor for their hard work and shoutout their achievements. Sponsoring means giving them the recognition of their efforts.

Do you need to be a sponsor of your teammates’ hard work only?

NO, the true leader always stands for everyone. Keeping in mind, developing an inclusive workspace is a challenging task. There are plenty of ways through which one can initiate the development of an inclusive workplace. Making a diverse work culture is our responsibility. One should be the ally in the workplace for the people around him. Your team is not confined to a few members. The entire workforce is your team.

How to sponsor someone in the workplace?

Sponsoring good work and efforts is the best way to help people in the workplace neglected till now. There would be some people working hard day and night, putting all their efforts but never get the platform to be recognized

1 – You can talk about the person’s expertise and performance who is underrepresented among others in the meetings

2 – You can sponsor someone by providing the opportunity to upskill (learn new skills)

3 – Discuss that person’s goals and efforts in the performance discussion among peers and seniors

4 – Be vocal about the achievements of the team members.

5 – You can utilize your credibility to advocate someone with the hidden potential to perform outstandingly.

6 – Ask the person to be the keynote speaker at any conference

You would get plenty of occasions to be an ally for your coworkers at the workplace. Always remember, being good for yourself is not good until you are good for others.

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