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Other / July, 15 2020

Cloud Technology Is Not An Option; It Is The Necessity

“Cloud technology has become a basic need for growing enterprises.”

We all would have read about ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.’ It is a pyramid shape hierarchy that explains the motivation levels of human beings. At the bottom of the hierarchy, there is a basic need (food, water, shelter) that motivates people until they fulfill it. Once they are done with the basic need, the next level need motivates them.

Similarly, in the technology world, cloud technology has become a basic need for enterprises not only to grow but also to survive the fierce competition.

Until you adopt cloud technology, you cannot move up the growth ladder.

Believe it or not, you are still thinking of implementing cloud technology, whereas your competitors would have already started the cloud migration process.

94% of enterprises already use a cloud service.


Now, you can imagine where does your organization stands in this competition. 

Let’s face the fact; competition is fierce in the market. To win this battle, you should be ready with the latest technology. 

Here are a few core benefits of cloud technology. 

Cost Savings:

The majority of enterprises have shifted their legacy IT infrastructure to cloud technology to save costs. Saving Money is also a way of Making Money. Connect to a cloud architect to understand how you can save money. 

Cost Optimization is the primary reason for 47% of enterprises’ cloud migration. 

(Source: Opsramp, Skyhighnetworks, Directive)


Data security is the biggest threat to enterprises in this digital era. Having your data stored in the best cloud service provider will ensure the security of your data. 

60% of U.S. IT decision-makers trust the security of the Cloud.

(Source: Forbes)

Increased Productivity and ROI:

Moving to the Cloud means fueling the productivity of your staff and getting a higher ROI. One of the organization’s most significant concerns in current times is to achieve better productivity and ROI. Cloud technology has a solution to this problem. 

80% of companies that adopt the Cloud see improvements within their IT departments within six months.

Source: Alliedtelecom

Business Agility:

The faster you deploy your applications, the better response you can expect to get from the marketer. Cloud technology makes your process faster and smoother. To achieve business agility, you need to connect with the cloud architects to understand how it will help you.

Cloud technologies have just come out of the teenage and stepping into adulthood. The year 2020 for Cloud will be similar to 2007 for the Mobile telephone market when the iPhone emerged on the scene and changed everything for good.


Cloud migration starts with the business readiness assessment, where experts determine how ready your business is to adopt cloud technology. Plus, what are the various factors supporting the migration and challenges to be tackled? A cloud architect will give you the complete idea of how much you will save moving to cloud technology. 

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