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Other / August, 28 2020

Company Culture Still Matters In The Wake of WFH

What we earlier thought as a perk to motivate the employees (WFH) has now become the new norm of the workforces. One of the significant transformations that we noticed apart from cloud technology growth is the smooth execution of WFH policy. The pandemic has made enterprises to allow their workforces to work from home to continue the business operation.

WFH is the savior of the enterprises. One of the most critical aspects of successful organizations is company culture. Company culture defines your company. Is the company culture gone because people started working from home?

Is company culture still crucial for enterprises?

Yes, it is a company culture that develops discipline, integrity, hard work, and results-oriented behavior in the employees. Company culture is not something confined within the office premises.

It is not the rules and regulations only to follow when you are in the office. Employees are still representing your business.

An organization is nothing but a group of people. It is the people who create value for enterprises. Therefore, organizations having their core values and company culture intact will be the winner.

Indeed, we are transformed during the COVID19, but company culture sill matters.

Keep reminding your team members about culture and core values.

Work from home comes with a load of advantages for the employees. An ideal employee should avail of the advantage for the benefit of the organization as well.

  • You are disciplined and punctual in WFH: These two are the core aspects of company culture. Now you are working from home, that does not mean you should log in late, spending more time in household chores, wearing casuals all day long, etc. You need to be punctual and disciplined related to your daily routine.
  • Never Forget Your Targets and Goals: Hitting the targets or achieving your goals could be easy now because you save the time of traveling, no headache of traffic jams and comforts of your home. Yes, make sure you are not only hitting the targets but going above and beyond. Why don’t we utilize these advantages to outperform our competitors?
  • Need To Stay Connected More: We might be missing the office gossips, but believe me, now is the time to stay connected more with your peers. If you think working from home separated you from your team members, you are wrong; it allowed you to stay connected more.
  • Professionalism Cannot be Compromised: No matter where you are working, professionalism cannot be compromised. You are the representative of your enterprises. You will be connected with your clients and customers; professionalism is something that cannot be negotiated.

Remember, More Freedom More Responsibility

You are the bearer of your company culture. The flexibility you are enjoying in current circumstances comes with the responsibility. You need to make the most out of this situation. Bring more creativity and agility to your work. Connect with your team members more frequently. Again, company culture is the shared values and practices that define an organization. Wherever you are, company culture matters.

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