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Other / January, 04 2021

Cyber Security Remains One of The Biggest Concerns

Digitalization is turning out to be one of the most critical factors in the success of enterprises. While digital transformation is on the chart of every enterprise, but they miss the security aspect. When you digitalize all your processes, make sure you put a robust cybersecurity mechanism in place. 

Amidst the cloud technology adoption, cyberspace remains the most vulnerable aspect for enterprises across the globe. Cyber-attacks, malware/ransomware attacks, and cybersecurity breaches are the biggest threats to the financial dimension and privacy aspect. Moreover, the work from home setting poses a new threat level to enterprises because employees are sharing sensitive data through private or home servers, which lacks adequate security.

Will you wait for the cyber frauds and breaches to cause you damage? Don’t fall prey to these cyber-attacks, be prepared. Here are some standard protocols of cybersecurity to keep your data secure. 

Move to Cloud

Moving your database to the cloud helps you to centralize the storage and management of the data. Moreover, cloud vendors provide additional security to keep the data secure in their cloud server. Moreover, a secure server and centralized management help you keep the security patches updated to fight the latest cyber-attacks.

Define SOP for remote working

Remote working staff should be trained and educated about the cybersecurity protocols to keep the data secure. From following the security best practices to securing confidential data, enterprises can implement several educational methods to ensure that SOP is in place. Gamification can be introduced in the training program to differentiate from another usual training program.

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access critical data.

A Virtual Private Network is one of the safest ways to secure your public or unsecured network. While accessing the critical files and data over a public network, it is better to use a VPN to secure the network. Leveraging these technological tools help the remote working staff to share and access files securely. 

Keep Scanning Your Systems

Scheduled vulnerability scanning helps you identify potential security threats. It helps in understanding the current SOP’s efficacy as well. The sooner you will identify the security threats, the better it will be for you. Organizations usually miss this part in their security best practices. 

It is critical for large, small, and medium enterprises to invest in a robust cybersecurity infrastructure. 

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