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Other / October, 05 2020

Digital Transformation Is Changing Employee Expectations

Digital Transformation is a buzzword among enterprises. It has become an integral part of growing enterprises. Has any organization ever thought about the expectations and experiences of the employees? For employees, digital transformation is more than a buzzword. 

Employees welcome the digitalization in their companies and adopt the changes in their workflow. However, in the efforts to implement the digital transformation, enterprises usually miss to include employee expectations and experience. 

Employees Embrace The Digital Transformation 

According to Workfront’s 2020 “State of the Work” survey, 91% of employees favor the latest innovative technology solutions. Undoubtedly, in the current circumstances, work from home and other technological advantages helping our lives are possible because of the digital transformation.  Employees can work, connect, collaborate, and communicate from any place with an internet connection. 

Digital Transformation Has Direct Impact On Employees

Not all employees will be able to adopt the digital changes immediately without any help. It is good to assume that Digital Transformation can be a daunting task for some employees if it is not appropriately implemented. Some CIOs and tech leaders focus on bringing in new tools but forget about its proper workplace implementation. 

Employers need a proper training system in place whenever new software or tech tool is being implemented, no matter how well versed they are with technology. 

Before setting organizational goals, employers need to gauge the employees’ needs and expectations.

Don’t Ignore The Technology Needs

According to a Gartner Report, less than fifty percent of IT and non-IT employees believe their CIOs ignore their technology needs or simply don’t give much importance to their digital technology issues affecting their productivity. 

Leaders need to have a standard operation to understand the upcoming digital challenges and problems for the employees. Ignoring the digital needs of the employees will cost huge to the enterprise. 

Poorly Implemented Digital Transformation Hamper the Productivity 

On the one hand, technology tools are being introduced to improve the technology. On the other hand, it causes the loss if implemented wrongly. Undoubtedly, technology has impacted the way we used to work. However, the workflow is dynamic, which makes the workplace a dynamic environment. Therefore, continuous improvement and monitoring are required. Leaders should avoid following a process to buy a tech tool and expect that employees will take hold of this. 

No Tool Is Important Than Employee

Technology is here to improve our process, increase our efficiency but certainly not to replace us. The people will be the company’s core, no matter how much automation or new tech we adopt. 

Make the employees understand that new technology is there to help them, not replace them. Tech leaders understand the power of digital transformation. It can reshape the entire enterprise function. It has the power to impact the organizational culture as well.

Don’t let the employees feel threatened with the adoption of new technology. This is your job being the tech leader in your company. 

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