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Other / May, 21 2021

Drive Digital Transformation with ServiceNow Adoption

Embracing digital adoption across the enterprise functions is now a compulsion and not a choice. Digital Transformation is no more a buzzword, but it is imperative for businesses across the globe. Earlier, businesses took up digital transformation initiatives to stay put with their competitors. But now with the pandemic, it has become a sustainability issue. Covid-19 has brought years of change in the way companies across sectors and geographies do business. As per a new McKinsey Global Survey of executives, their companies have accelerated the digitization of customer, supply-chain interactions, and internal operations by three to four years. And the digital enabled products share in their portfolios also got accelerated by seven years. As per Acorio, an NTT Data company and ServiceNow consultancy, digital transformation grew by 18% in 2020 to become the top business initiative.

What does ServiceNow have to do with digital transformation?

Around 80% of Fortune 500 businesses are now using ServiceNow in their operations. ServiceNow is no more about IT operations but transitioning to a digital workflow platform to cater to the varied needs of businesses. Let us get into more details about ServiceNow.

Why ServiceNow can Accelerate Digital Transformation?

Every wonderful food recipe will have a secret ingredient that will certainly give that exotic taste. Likewise, digital workflows are now the heart of digital transformation. Businesses just need to think beyond modern tools and systems. Organizations worldwide are adopting new, distributed ways of working and creating workflow-enabled ways to be more agile, resilient, and customer-centric. Digital transformation now starts with workflows that can connect people, technology, and processes. ServiceNow has transitioned from being an IT operations management provider to a digital enabler.

Far Beyond IT

The world is transforming from a ‘business process evolution’ to a new ‘workflow revolution’ and the ServiceNow platform too transitioned beyond IT service management. A broad range of workflows including IT Digitized Workflows, IT Operations Management, IT Business Management, Software Asset Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance, HR Service Delivery, and Customer Service Management are now supported in the Now Platform. The ServiceNow app store has numerous use cases for various challenges faced across industries and users are always open to building custom use cases according to their needs.

Adoption to Emerging Trends

The latest version of the Now platform is enabled by native AI capabilities and new low code development tools that can empower organizations to deliver great experiences.  The acquisition spree of ServiceNow is also not limited to one technology trend but includes AI (Element AI, Loom Systems, Attivio, and Sweagle), Automation (Intellibot), and Observability (Lightstep). The platform with their Paris release is now capable to address industry-specific challenges as well. The latest transition to AIOps, Virtual agents, automation, and low-code is more about digital resiliency and business productivity.

Client Implementations

As per ServiceNow Insight and Vision survey, Acorio found that the businesses implementing four or more ServiceNow products tripled year-over-year from the 2020 to 2021 study. Those implementing three or more nearly doubled within the same time span and more than 85 percent of companies using ServiceNow reported implementations of two or more ServiceNow products. Asset Management, HR Service Delivery, Security Operations, Customer Service are a few other areas that companies are leveraging within the ServiceNow platform.

The New Normal Enterprise Operations

When we are talking about digital transformation, the pandemic bought in a bigger digital picture than ever before. Security and the new workplace safety challenges are at the top of everyone’s priorities in the new WFH or WFA. Since the beginning of the pandemic, ServiceNow updated its workplace safety apps, and they continue to deliver significant product updates  every 2 weeks. Moreover, the platform updates are just not limited to one area but include Finance, IT, HR, Customer service, Security, and many more.

Business Value from accelerated Digital Transformation through ServiceNow

Embracing the modern digital workflow platform like ServiceNow can enhance your ways to automate, digitize and optimize business processes. The platform is now more about predicting issues before they turn out to be real problems for business growth. Let us look at the value addition from the platform:

a) Automation of mundane tasks with digital workflows – Most employees feel that their workplace is not very digital, not many new apps and automated services. Take the example of employee onboarding, there is a lot of manual work and usually routine tasks take up to 60% of an average employees’ time. The Now platform allows users to build powerful apps and workflows to enable faster and smooth experiences.

b) Enterprise-wide Integration – ServiceNow delivers one single system of action to businesses and the best digital workflows. The platform uses one user interface, one code base, and one data model to create a single source of truth. As the platform connects through various Strategic business units, departments, and people, users can have access to the data anytime and anywhere enabling contextual data-backed decisions.

c) Predictive Intelligence – From AIOps to Virtual agents to dashboards, the Now platform leverages AI and machine learning to predict issues and initiate workflow actions. Context-aware suggestions to unique problems ensure your employees to work smarter and make smart business decisions.

d) Productivity and Efficiency – Metrics, KPIs, trends, predictions, and issue resolution are the evidential data that businesses can rely on to make timely decisions. The real-time visibility into the platform gives clients deeper insights into their workflows to minimize and fix incidents before they become issues.

ServiceNow platform is now more about end-to-end visibility, easy-to-use digital workflows, and business applications. Additionally, the platform leverages machine learning, AI, and low code to boost business productivity and transform businesses to be digital-first.

Is your organization looking to implement ServiceNow or to expand on the platform? A partner like Saxon can facilitate your plan, thought leadership, and platform experience.

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