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How Digital Workers can help employees transition back to the workweek

How do you feel when you have enjoyed a lovely long holiday season, and it is time to get back to work? Especially when the holiday season merges with the long weekend. Once all the fun and frolic of ushering in the New Year is done and dusted, do you find it daunting to return to your work desk to find a humongous pile of work waiting for you? Does this situation seem familiar that you dread resuming work after a relaxing vacation or have trouble motivating yourself to get back? According to a poll by Zapier/Harris, around 87% of employees feel it is daunting to transition back to work after a vacation. 

Let us see how our AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered digital workers can help in such a scenario. So, while you are having a fun time holidaying, the Digital Worker who is a part of your team has been working hard. No complaints, troubles, holiday urges, family commitments, just pure work. They ensure that work has been progressing properly. The digital worker in your team has your back! You can enjoy and indulge in the holiday spirit and worry less about easing your way back into the work week. Because when you log in, you will find the digital worker has been seamlessly working all through the holidays. You do not have a gigantic pile of stressful workloads waiting for you. As a result, you can smoothly ease back to your workweek without feeling dreadful. In fact, you come back joyfully! 

Holidays come, but work needs to get done; how to go about it? 

AI-enabled Digital Workers can perform all the time-consuming, repetitive work and handle end-to-end roles, thus freeing up employee time. Employees can leverage their skills on tasks that require their intuitive cognition and intelligence. Not only incorporating Digital Workers will boost productivity and ensure smooth execution of tasks (even during holidays), but they also play a bigger role. It will protect human employees from burnout and boost their morale. A good employee experience will attract talent to the organization and reflect in the customer experience and productivity.  

What is a Digital worker? 

Digital worker is a software that leverages artificial intelligence applications such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, knowledge mining, automation, and many more, enabling it to perform and execute the complete end-to-end processes. Intelligent automation allows the digital worker to understand intent, respond, and even take the necessary action on behalf of humans. It can automate various tasks intelligently in the proper sequence allowing it to complete the entire process. Whenever any requirement or doubt needs human intervention, it escalates to the human in the loop and allows seamless process execution. The employees, not burdened by an overload of work, have more authority, control, and a positive experience. They can enjoy a quality work-life balance, and an occasional vacation, without being stressed about burdening with overloaded work once back. 

Digital workers have: 

  • Unique identity 
  • Can make decisions/have authority 
  • Report to team members just like regular employees 
  • Have access to business tools of their domain, like human employees. 

As it is the age of digital transformation, it is critical to realize that Digital Workers are not a threat to the employees. Instead, they are here to augment and automate processes and share the immense workload that employees get burdened with. These software bots are just like the next employee, who can not only automate tasks but also perform work roles using advanced AI capabilities. Moreover, designed as per the need and specific requirements, Digital Workers are entirely customizable. 

Why would you have a Digital Worker in your workplace? 

Let us see how a digital worker augments human colleagues and benefits the entire organization. 

  1. Intelligent automation of tedious tasks: 

They can automate time-consuming and tedious tasks. Being AI-powered, they are not just task-oriented but human-oriented. The performance is error-free, accurate, and efficient. For example, banks can process loan requests much faster compared to the complex process of manually performing KYC (Know Your Customer), checking documents, and processing loans. With the help of digital workers, they can process within minutes, sparing human colleagues from tedious, error-prone tasks and letting them focus on complex loan requests only. 

  1. Digital Workers can work continuously: 

Humans need leaves, holidays, vacations, and breaks, whereas Digital Workers can work around the clock. With access to business technologies and capable of handling the process from start to finish, you can program the digital worker to work while humans can enjoy their holidays and breaks. This will lead to higher employee satisfaction as returning to work is smoother. Employees can enjoy a good break and not dread returning to work. 

  1. Learning skills: 

Machine Learning enables digital workers to keep learning and develop their skills further with experience. For instance, a Digital Worker in the sales domain can learn from past transactions, customer interactions, cost-effectiveness, investigate the importance of the customer in the business, and produce the best discount for the customer. 

  1. Adaptive to change: 

Business is constantly changing, and adaptability is a crucial skill for efficiency. Organizations always seek to hire employees who are adaptive, flexible, and eager to learn so that they can upskill when required. The same case applies to bots as well. Instead of simple bots and chatbots, which work mechanically according to the business process, they are programmed; Digital Workers are human-oriented and can switch between jobs instantly, making them efficient and very flexible.  

  1. No investment is required, and it does not take any time to launch: 

As digital workers come thoroughly trained with domain knowledge, they perform from the very first day and do not require platform licensing costs. Already pre-configured, they automate several business operations and augment the human workforce. 

  1. Interactive

Powered with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Digital Workers are conversational. Just as humans love to converse with colleagues, digital workers are pleasantly interactive. Wouldn’t it be fun for an employee to interact emotionally with the digital worker instead of having dull, monotonous exchanges with bots? It surely will perk up the workplace and skyrocket the employee and customer experience. 

Let us take the example of Brenda- A Customer Service Specialist 

Brenda, the Customer Service Specialist, works throughout the day and can respond to customer queries at any hour, be it within business hours or not. She is accessible to the customer through various live chat, email, voice, and social media channels. Having access to the complete range of products and services the organization provides, Brenda can present the perfect solution to the customer. If issues need escalation, she immediately conveys them to her managers and liaises with them to find the best possible solution. Obtaining customer feedback is also much more manageable with Brenda, as she obtains that and shares it with the team simplifying the process. As a result, Brenda, the digital worker, accelerates the efficiency- qualitatively and quantitatively, the customer engagement and satisfaction, while reducing handling time, errors, and customer churn. All these lead to impressive results. 


Do you wish to have happy employees who smoothly ease back into the workweek after the holidays? Do you want to incorporate Digital Workers into your business? Check out Saxon and their services of Digital Clerx and onboard your Digital teammate today!

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