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Other / June, 29 2020

How Much AWS Cloud Migration Will Cost You?

If you are beginning to migrate your legacy infrastructure to AWS cloud infrastructure, the first thing that comes to mind is how much it will cost you.

Determining cloud migration cost can be a daunting task because there are several sections to evaluate, such as over-provisioning, what-if scenarios, outdated servers, and others. Plus, there are plenty of indirect and complicated to measure costs to assess, such as downtime cost. To avoid such difficulties, many organizations skip the analysis section and start migration with lift and shift strategy.

This lift and shift strategy is not recommended because it will increase the TCO, which will defeat the core purpose of migration – saving money. Cost-saving is one of the essential goals of moving your legacy infrastructure to cloud infrastructure.

Have You Considered Rightsizing Before Migrating the workloads?

Most organizations fail to consider the importance of rightsizing before starting the migration process. If you have your workloads in the cloud infrastructure and set it rightsized among all your assets, you will get all resources whenever you need without paying the extra cost. The TCO (Total Cost Ownership) analysis helps determines the organizations to understand the cost included in AWS cloud migration.  

A TCO analysis helps you determine what you are spending on your current IT infrastructure and how you can save cost migrating to cloud infrastructure.

What Options You Have For TCO Analysis?

TSO Logic, an Amazon company, helps organizations conduct data-driven TCO analysis and cost modeling for the future. It analyses the millions of data points stored from your current IT environment such as generation, age, software, and hardware. Its predictive analysis gives you insights about which application you are running in the best place with the best software and lowest TCO. You will also get recommendations if required for cloud migration and price change in your current environment and cloud. It will help you develop a proper business case to understanding your migration process and plan about it.

However, TSO Logic is an ideal tool for large migration tasks. For mid-sized and smaller migration process, CloudChomp’s tools are the best.

CloudChomp, a cloud migration tools company and a member of APN, helps smaller organizations get accurate data related to the costs. It analyzed 400 billion data points to help the customers save 41% over the traditional lift and shift strategies, to the customers.

Here are some of CloudChomp’s tools that help customers to do more data-driven migration planning:

  • CC Analyzer
  • CC Analyzer’s 1ClickTCO™

The power of TCO Analysis “41% savings over traditional lift and shift” (AWS)

On average, CC Analyzer helped customers achieve a 41% cost savings over traditional lift-and-shift strategies.

Sometimes TCO analysis seems to be more complicated, but it should not be if you have the right tools. AWS and CloudChomp are the ideal tools to support you in your cloud journey. It empowers you to maximize your return on investment and save costs.

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