Microsoft Build 2022 - Day 2 Conference Highlights

Microsoft Build 2022 – Day 2 Conference Highlights | Everything You Need To Know

If one technology company has taken democratization to heart, it is perhaps Microsoft. This year’s Microsoft Build event is proof of that. It is where they made it entirely virtual and free for anyone to participate. Microsoft’s unique partnership approach for the customers, partners or the developer community is parallel to none. So, unlike any other events involving the tech giants, Microsoft Build offers in-depth technical sessions, coding challenges, and several breakout sessions for the developer to upskill.

An exciting area of interest on Day 2 of the Microsoft Build conference was Artificial Intelligence (AI). 2022 will be a year of automation and change for the enterprise, with the updates and previews announced today. I have tried to summarize what is beneficial for the tech community in solving a few critical business problems.

  1. Github Co-Pilot is expected to launch in the summer officially. It can turn any enthusiast into a high-quality programmer. The co-pilot can achieve 30% more in coding with the help of the co-pilot. It helps programmers to consume the previously written code for modification with ease.
  2. Azure Open AI Codex can translate natural language into code or trigger actions. One can use it for any visual design & game development. Codex’s out-of-the-box AI models and 3d Model generation can effortlessly render objects in the Metaverse and write Babylon js code in real-time. Azure Open AI services can help build 10x larger models, facilitate 4x faster communication and lower latency by 10x in AI development.
  3. Azure AI Cognitive services now bring in Enterprise grade AI to solve problems around Knowledge mining, Conversational AI, business process automation, machine translation, speech transcription, and analysis. Azure Open AI service is now available for public preview. It empowers developers to create scenario-specific AI, such as creating medical billing summaries, developing marketing copies, or SEO-optimized content generation for an online business without a content development team.
  4. Responsible AI Dashboard & Scorecard addresses the problem of fairness, reliability & safety, privacy & security, inclusiveness, transparency & Accountability that often plagues the use of AI in a real-world scenario. The responsible AI dashboard offers custom content filters to tailor the tone & topics of the application; abuse detection ensures responsible use of the application, and it further provides implementation guidelines, patterns & best practices for the application.
  5. Azure form recognizer is getting an upgrade with:
    • Pre-built models for vaccine and insurance cards
    • Layout understanding to recognize various input formats (documents, images, pdf, etc.)
    • Language expansion

These advancements facilitate efficient and quick application development for every use case possible, such as maintenance sheet extraction, legal contract summaries, medical transcription, etc.

  1. Azure bot service & Power virtual agents are getting a facelift with:
    • New authoring canvas list variables & looping
    • Rich responses
    • Event-driven contextual triggers
  2. Automated machine learning will have new features that include:
    • Support for natural language processing and image tasks
    • Generation of model training codes
    • Enhancement for product integration & ML ops

So, overall, it offers every enterprise the chance to be an AI-first organization, maximizing overall efficiency, delivering significant business value, and guidance in decision-making.

If you are an organization looking to get the best of AI and data efforts, then you are at the right place. Let us talk!



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