Digital transformation in the workplace
AI and ML, Technology / August, 24 2022

Now, more than ever is time for chatbots in digital transformation journey

Technology and its deployment in the workplace are progressing at a faster pace than ever before. Today, we can see the impact of digital adoption and digital transformation on every firm and its workforce. Any organization, regardless of size, is benefited from digital transformation.

As we are aware, Digital transformation is not a new topic. Organizations have been on the digital transformation mission for over three decades now. They started with digitization, then moved on to digitalization, and now to digital transformation. Digital transformation equips your organization with digital technologies in all aspects, including work culture. This transition substantially alters how the organization operates. Research shows that at a CAGR of 16.5%, the global market for digital transformation will reach $1009.8 billion by 2025.

Gartner predicts that 

  • 91% of businesses are planning to implement some form of digital initiative
  • 87% of senior business leaders are prioritizing digitalization.

With so much light on digital transformation, It might be complex for you to implement digital transformation strategies in every area of the organization, but it is worthwhile to perform. It is a comprehensive process that practically benefits every aspect of a company. It assists organizations in simplifying operational procedures and enhancing partnerships. 

Here you can find how digital transformation can assist in revolutionizing your workplace in numerous ways so that you can get started right off the bat.

Digital transformation in the workplace

Most companies will likely focus on the technological aspect of digital transformation rather than the transformation aspect. Digital transformation entails more than just procuring the appropriate software but attaining transformation at the cultural level. Digital transformation is ultimately about effective internal communication and knowledge sharing. The purpose is to enhance employee engagement and improve the way the teams collaborate.

The potential of modern transformation is to help organizations adopt technologies to create value for stakeholders, employees, and customers in the long run. Furthermore, it intends to develop and acquire procedures that can quickly adapt to changing conditions.

We are in a fast-changing world, and the transformative applications constantly transform the workplace. In an organization, multiple teams work together to reach one goal. Digital transformation can enhance this collaboration. The collaboration across organizations and current methods of connecting with consumer bases and creative practices will provide businesses with helpful information.

Most significantly, digital transformation enables corporate operations such as human resources or finance to migrate from traditional methods. Employees can now automate aspects of the business brought about by technological improvements. For instance, Payroll automation allows executives to focus on other possibilities than manually performing for every employee, which can be tedious and prone to errors.

Few other benefits of digital transformation include
  • The effortless partnership among teams
  • The rise in productivity of the employees
  • Improved data insights for stakeholders
  • Agility and adaptability
  • Enhanced client support
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased precision
  • Enhanced employee interaction

When you work towards the digital transformation in the workplace, concentrate on reducing the complexity of operational processes and other activities to help employees improve their productivity and spend their valuable time on other tasks. One significant technological improvement is the Automated conversation. It is more significant than ever in chatbots, conversational agents, virtual assistants – whatever term you call them.

Chatbots for Internal Employees

Organizations can use chatbots for internal communication to enhance the performance of support operations. We have seen the chatbots on customer-facing websites providing speedy and automatic responses to most online questions. However, it is essential not to underestimate the importance of chatbots for internal employee use.

AI-powered chatbots can improve the user’s experience and efficiency and helps to save time and energy for performing other tasks. As a consumer-facing tool, chatbots are incredibly effective in lowering support costs, increasing customer engagement, and the number of successful digital transactions. Internal users can deploy the same AI software to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.

Here are the areas you can use chatbots inside the organization.

HR support functions  chatbots can answer and assist employees with questions, from How to file tax reports? To the basic How to set a new password? All kinds of questions instantly, saving time and energy for the employees. Natural language processing in chatbots helps the user quickly find the answer that best matches the goal. The chatbot can deliver personalized, accurate responses to the employee in a fraction of a second when layered with dialogue flows that indicate various discussion pathways.

Onboarding process – In the onboarding process, where employees have to fill multiple forms and enter the same data repeatedly, chatbots can ease this process. The manager just needs to submit the relevant information to the bot through a simple chat if the chatbot is programmed to register and onboard the new employee utilizing APIs.

Daily tasks assistance – With the help of chatbots, employees can quickly complete the less complex and time-consuming tasks like scheduling meetings, booking meeting rooms, and all other daily tasks in a few chats with the bot.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistants for Employees

Virtual assistants are AI-powered software applications that can comprehend and respond in conversational language. Gartner predicts that 50% of knowledge workers will use virtual assistants by 2025. The implications of virtual assistants remained restricted earlier. Current Natural Language Processing (NLP) breakthroughs have transformed them into a genuine workplace resource. You can use virtual assistants in all the areas inside the organization. Organizations are aware of bots in the context of customer service but dismissing them as just automated assistance in one area will limit their capabilities. Because of their capacity to expedite procedures, integrate online data sources, and respond to you at any time and location, virtual assistants are not only efficient but also fun – in short, the ideal digital companions.

Departments like IT helpdesk can use virtual assistants since they can reply to employee inquiries, automate critical aspects of IT assistance, and transfer issues to human agents when necessary. They give employees the answers they need when they need them, allowing management to focus on complicated issues and strategic growth rather than day-to-day concerns.

AI-powered digital assistants can access diverse business data sources at the same time, empowering employees with answers and automating procedures without forcing them to switch between applications. It can ultimately increase the overall productivity.

Benefits include

  • Employees and management save time.
  • Helps to streamline operations.
  • Provides Alerts and Smart Notifications to employees.
  • Responsive and attentive
  • Improves Employee Satisfaction
  • Connects Humans and Technology

Digital assistants analyze patterns in user behavior to continually improve themselves and deliver more accurate suggestions – this distinguishes them as “smart.” They proactively give information when required by learning about employees’ requirements in several scenarios – at their workstations in front of a computer, working from home on their tablets, or on the road through voice command. Chatbots can also provide information and insights into employees’ most often asked topics, assisting management in improving policy planning and addressing staff difficulties. And if there is one thing that makes employees happy, it is a system designed with them in mind and adapted to meet their changing demands. So when you plan to take your digital transformation journey, start with the workplace as it can significantly enhance the employees’ productivity, and increased productivity denotes increased value to the organization.

At Saxon, we help organizations move up the ladder in their digital transformation journey by strategically approaching your business challenges so that you can get the maximum benefit. If you want to start your journey today, contact us now.

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