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Other / December, 03 2020

What is your digital quotient?

Few organizations are converting the challenges into opportunities by tapping into the digital transformation. Digital transformation is the savior for several organizations across all industries (Food, Insurance, Hospital, Retail, Healthcare) during this global pandemic. According to the KPMG report ” CEO Outlook 2020: COVID-19 “, 80% of the CEOs of the world’s largest organizations have seen their transformation programs accelerate during the period of confinement.

Digital is Essential to achieve strategic objectives. Some key technologies, such as AI, Automation, virtual reality, IoT, and Advanced Analytics, are continually advancing. How prepared is your organization for the digital transformation? This is the first step of climbing the digitalization ladder in your organization and embed it to stay competitive and avail of the market opportunities. 

Organizations need to act faster than ever to implement the organization’s cultural shift to enable digital transformations. We must check our readiness to adopt digital transformation. Here are 5-point checklists to review organizations’ readiness:

  • Is the organization’s structure designed to adapt the digital transformation?

Digital transformation affects the entire organization structure, including business rules, policies, processes, and work culture. Therefore, it is essential to check whether your organization structure is feasible enough to embrace digitalization.

  • Does your organization adopt the strategic approach? 

There should be a digital transformation strategy in place to ensure a smooth cultural shift in the organization. Digital transformation cannot be implemented with a magic wand; rather, leadership should have a stronghold in the entire digital transformation process with a strategic implementation approach. 

  • Do you have the required skills and talent in the organization?

Digital transformation needs people with the required knowledge and skills to implement it smoothly. The organization should have the talent pool ready to embrace its cultural shift and participate in the process. 

  • Is there an agile culture in place in your organization? 

Does your organization cultivate agility? Digital transformation brings a lot of innovative cultural changes. Is your organization ready for it? Agility is one of the most critical determinants of successful digital transformation implementation.  

  • Have you prepared a customer experience plan?

The digital transformation’s core purpose is to elevate the customer experience in all aspects. Therefore, you need to develop a plan considering the various customer touchpoints and processes to provide a personalized customer experience. This can be done by monitoring and analyzing customer data and insights. 

Please beware of the situation wherein enterprises only bring digital transformation by name but not transform the enterprises’ core aspects. Sometimes the digital transformation process experiences rejection in some of the departments. Therefore, it is essential first to make the cultural shift to make it digital enabled enterprise. 

As a leader, you do not need to convince the board for digital transformation, rather excite them to embrace the changes. 

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