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Other / September, 16 2020

Why investing in public cloud certification is significant?

The demand for cloud services is growing at a rapid pace. The current pandemic situation has fast-tracked its adoption among enterprises due to the growth of remote working professionals. However, the reality is alarming; 90% of IT decision-makers report the shortage of cloud professionals. 

The cloud requirement is getting more complex; thus, enterprises need to look for the level of services and expertise required for cloud management. Cloud certification is the best way to validate the proficiency and knowledge of cloud technology. The cloud market is expanding; thus, enterprises need to ensure they get the best services. 

Certifications Demonstrates Your Industry Knowledge and Proficiency

Certifications ensure that individuals are skilled with the knowledge required to manage the cloud technology. Enterprises working with teams having public cloud certifications can be assured of getting the best cloud offerings. A team having in-depth knowledge will give you better advice, help you save cloud costs, and manage the cloud services efficiently. 

Most of the cloud service providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure provide certifications. You can check with your service provider whether the team is certified with the selected technology or not. 

Be Future Ready, Because Cloud Is The Future

As we know, cloud technology is proliferating, which means experts need to stay abreast of the latest trends to provide better service. Cloud certification helps you ensure that team has a thorough understanding of the latest cloud industry trends. There have been several reports suggesting that cloud technology adoption is increasing. Enterprises committed to growing their business needs to build a team with cloud technology certified experts.

Helps in maintaining the compliance with Industry standards 

There are some cloud regulatory standards to be followed by cloud service providers. It is a challenge for enterprises to maintain changing regulations and standards. With the certified cloud expert, you can identify the compliance issues quickly, further can correct the issues. Moreover, a certified expert helps you prevent any unknown risks ensuring smooth cloud technology management. 

To fill this gap, enterprises can connect with the service providers having relevant cloud certifications. If you are connecting with a cloud service provider, make sure they have the cloud certifications. 

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