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Why Should You Move Your Website To The Cloud?

The cloud technology is transforming the economy one way or another. If we talk about the websites, more and more websites are being hosted in the cloud. Why is it so? Let’s the number speaks; 83% of the world’s enterprise will be in the cloud (Forbes).

The current disruption in the market supports the need for cloud migration. Having a rock-solid website is critical for giving the ultimate user experience to the website visitors. Though several enterprises have accepted cloud technology, some enterprises are still reluctant. Learn more about the migration assessment myth and reality.

Let’s take a look at the reasons to move your website to the cloud.                


Cloud web hosting enables you to get access to resources whenever you need it. One of the critical parameters for a website is to keep it running with zero-time downtime.

Whenever your website needs more resources to consume to keep the website running, cloud web hosting automatically allocates the required resources for that period.

Once the requirement is ended, allotted resources will be released.

Suppose your website traffic increased during the Christmas period, you can expect to get more resources for the website during that period to meet the high level of traffic.  


Cloud web hosting enables you to pay for what you use. Compared to the traditional method of website hosting, cloud hosting is economical because where you pay for what you use.

Indeed, moving to the cloud costs you some money, but it pays off. According to a study by Gartner, after the two years of migration, costs associated with on-premises disappear, and by the middle of the third year, costs associated cloud reduces compared to the on-premises costs. Here are some proven methods to reduce the cloud cost.


With cloud hosting, you can be assured of better services to handle disasters and spikes. All files are stored across multiple clouds; thus, whenever downtime occurs, the load can be divided, resulting in no downtime.


A fast loading website is all we need to give a better user experience. Cloud hosting ensures faster website loading. Because the data does not travel when stored in the cloud, the load time is reduced, resulting in faster load. Moreover, some top cloud service providers offer caching, which also recuses the website loading time.


Security is another vital aspect that cloud service provider takes care of. When your website is hosted in the cloud, you are secured. Cloud service providers install several security protocols to ensure that stored data is secured. Data does not travel through physical infrastructure, thus uploaded to the cloud immediately. Therefore, fewer chances of hackers to attack the data.  

Last but not least, if you have moved your website to the cloud, do not forget to have an effective disaster recovery plan in place. Most of the enterprises never consider or consider this option late when they lose their data. Move Your website to the cloud undoubtedly is the best option, but you should also ensure that you get the immediate backup of the data in the time of disaster or downtime. Learn more about the best practices of the data recovery.

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