Contract Intelligence

Automate manual document processing with contract intelligence and save on cost, time, and effort.

Do you process tons of documents/contracts manually? We can help you automate your tedious document processing tasks with our contract intelligence solution.

It is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology that can analyze and extract the context from documents of any type in less time and with high accuracy. You can focus more on what to do with the extracted information and drive the business forward with contract intelligence.

Why you need?

80 to 90% of the data organizations collect or generate today are unstructured. Processing these unstructured data demands a lot of human effort and time. It can simplify these tasks. It has the edge over RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) as contract intelligence can process unstructured documents like emails, PDFs, KYC documents, etc.

It will be a game-changer for businesses in finance, banking, insurance, commercial real estate, and other sectors that process a huge quantity of documents that need utmost attention.

  • Reduces the dependency on the human force by 80%.
  • Highly scalable according to your business needs.
  • Reduces time for document processing by 60%.
  • Accelerates productivity.
  • Reduces time to market of new initiatives by 85%

Gartner estimates, By 2024, the amount of manual effort for the contract review process will be cut by 50% owing to the adoption of AI-based contract intelligence solutions.

What we do?

SAXON offers the best contract intelligence solution accelerator to ease your document processing. SAXON’s solution accelerator is built on top of Microsoft Azure and Cognitive services.

We use advanced AI technologies like:
  • Knowledge mining to enhance context understanding and effectively extract information from all types of documents to offer you the best results.
  • Transfer Learning to build custom models that can handle other related activity.
Contract Intelligence

Our Top-Notch Solution Accelerator

  • Pluggable solution
  • Zero licensing fee
  • No platform lock-ins
  • Simple implementation
  • Increased Speed to Market
  • No expert knowledge needed plug-and-play solution
  • High security
  • Reduced time to delivery
  • High accuracy