Digital Clerx


Where accuracy and efficiency meet human intelligence

Being busy and staying productive are entirely different. Reduce your employee workloads from mundane tasks and maximize process efficiency with the new-age enterprise digital assistants.

Augment, automate and enhance your business processes with digital workers – a seamless blend of AI, Cognitive automation, Machine Learning, RPA, and Analytics.

With our Cognitive Automation-as-a-Service approach, we drive Digital Clerx in an agile manner that helps businesses realize the outcome instantly with quantifiable value at a significant scale, error-free.

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Augmenting your Workplace with Enterprise Digital Workers

Ease your processes, and reduce timelines for invoice processing, payments reconciliation, sales orders configuration, purchase request processing, customer support requests, and many more internal workflows with our DigitalClerx.

Bots VS Digital Workers?

Unlike task-oriented bots, DigitalClerx acts as a digital worker who takes complete ownership of the end-to-end delivery of business workflow. They act as the frontline of intelligent automation to enhance business processes or assist any human worker in getting work done. They are here to synthesize otherwise disconnected automation tools delivering incredible value to advance the augmentation of human efforts. Easy to engage and are well trained to deliver value from day 1.

Why do you need “DigitalClerx”?


True business value is delivered with cognitive technology, automation, and human-in-the-loop


Holistic abilities from Azure Cognitive services and Power Platform. Transform routine tasks in your enterprise with enterprise digital assistants


Augments human capital by allowing them to focus on jobs that demand more creativity, empathy, and ingenuity

DigitalClerx - Who are we?

We are the new-age enterprise digital assistants powered by Microsoft & Saxon AI’s technical abilities. Organizations can hire us to perform any high-volume and repeatable tasks. Improved productivity, enhanced customer satisfaction, operational efficiency is few of the benefits organizations are witnessing with Digital Clerx

Meet our team. They can be your team too!

Emma – Account Payable Specialist


Alex – Collection Specialist


Tara – Account Receivable Specialist

Nancy – Expense Management Specialist


David – Payment Processing Specialist

Eva – Sales Order Entry Specialist


Brenda – Customer Service Specialist


Danny – HR Co-Ordinator

Jina – Procurement Specialist

Adeline – Insurance Underwriter

Looking to hire any other team members to get your job done?

We can build a variety of AI-enabled enterprise digital assistants/workers specific to your use case, handling a variety of job roles.

DigitalClerx - How do they work?

  1. Replicate every task and activity from start to finish that is currently handled by human workers
  2. Pre-configured to emulate human behavior for well-defined business scenarios
  3. Accountable – No supervision and quality control as they are accountable for the accuracy of results

Why hire us?

With a unique combination of AI, business domain knowledge, and human in the loop experience, we:

Deliver exceptional business outcomes
No Platform Licensing costs
Work collaboratively with your team
Go beyond traditional software or bot delivery
No Hiring and Training of RPA or Automation specialists
Learn & Scale Fast to meet your business needs

How to hire us?

You can do it in 3 simple steps.


Select your specialist

Look at our different teams of enterprise digital assistants and identify the right skillset for your organization. You can request to change the name or look/feel as per your needs.


Try before you hire

Place a request for the resource, and we will deploy the DigitalClerx for free for one week. Experience the transformation by augmenting your workforce.


Onboard your Enterprise Digital Assistant

Once you decide to bring your digital worker on board, speak to Bo, who will work with you to customize and configure your use case. When deployed, you can experience the RoI in a few weeks.

Get Started


Automated processes triggered by human workers but delivered by a Digital Clerk.
  • Help with the ‘long pole in the tent’ tasks of a process
  • Involving multiple systems and/or document understanding

Significant enablers for increased employee capacity

Assistant mode

Automated processes triggered by human workers.
  • One-off processes
  • Completed in less time
  • Simple to start
  • Enablers for increased processing accuracy/reliability