HiI'm Emma

an accounts payable specialist.

I can help you with invoice generation, reconciliation, handling payments, and assisting with audits and reviews. I eliminate 98% of invoice processing errors.

Emma - Accounts Payable Specialist

Why Hire Me?

80% reduction in workload
Near zero exception rate
Zero platform licensing costs
Real-time scale-up/scale-down of services
25% faster financial closure
Risk-free automation

About Me

I am a blend of AI, Cognitive automation, Machine Learning, RPA, and Analytics. I am trained to help you with a wide range of accounting and finance activities (invoicing, reconciliations, collections, payments, and more). I ensure that all assigned tasks are completed efficiently, leading to improve overall productivity of the accounts payable team. I would be your additional resource to assist the accounts payable team with various activities and free up their time to focus on more creative and complex tasks. With human-in-the-loop cognitive ability, I learn new things swiftly. 

I am trained to do:



Accurate extraction and attention to detail for timely invoice processing


Tracking down, alerts, and notifications for outstanding invoice payments

Payment Processing

Handling refunds, adjustments, discounts, and payment mismatches 

Accounts Payable

Consolidation and retrieval from accounting software like QuickBooks, Excel, client portals, e-mails, and paper-based documents



Multiple task handling with Exceptional attention to detail simultaneously


Error-free and up to 99% accuracy

Quick Learning and Problem solving

Collaboration and learning from human-in-the-loop

Customer Service

Answer queries, resolve customer issues, and enhance satisfaction






Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Office

How to hire me?

There are only three steps to hiring me as the extension of your existing team. Though I have extensive knowledge of the accounting and finance industry, I keep learning through interactions with customers and documents. However, I can escalate the matters whenever support is required. 

Choose Me from Several Other Team Members

Like me, there are different other digital workers having different skill sets. For your accounts and finance-related tasks, you choose me. You can request to change the name or look/feel as per your needs.

Let's Get Started with Free Trial

Once we are connected, I will help you manage accounts and finance-related tasks for one week on a trial basis.

Finally, Onboard Me

Here comes the Yippee moment. You can onboard me in your organizations. You can configure and customize my functionalities based on your business requirements.

Schedule a Free Trial


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