HiI'm Tara

an accounts receivable specialist.

I can generate, and process timely and accurate customer invoices with our specialized Digital Clerx a.k.a digital coworker, Tara

Tara - Accounts Receivable Specialist

Looking for extraordinary results, augment or hire Tara to your AR team.

3X improvement in accounts receivables productivity
40% improvement in Days Sales Outstanding
50% reduction in operational costs for your AR team
24/7 availability
Human-in-the-loop for enhancing trust and credibility
Zero licensing costs

About Tara

Our accounts receivable specialist and digital co-worker, Tara, helps you unleash value through the AP process. Improve your receivables processing timelines, productivity, and efficiency with the cognitive abilities of Tara. Extract key information from your sales orders and leverage AI and automation for the verification, consolidation, and triggering of key actions within hours. When Tara is unsure of the actions, she will escalate through the ‘human-in-the-loop’ capability and learns from it for future actions.

Roles and Responsibilities



Accurate extraction and attention to detail for timely invoice processing


Tracking down, alerts, and notifications for outstanding invoice payments

Payment Processing

Handling refunds, adjustments, discounts, and payment mismatches 

Accounts Receivables

Consolidation and retrieval from accounting software like QuickBooks, Excel, client portals, e-mails, and paper-based documents



Multiple task handling with Exceptional attention to detail simultaneously


Error-free and up to 99% accuracy

Customer Service

Answer queries, resolve customer issues, and enhance satisfaction

Quick Learning

Collaboration and learning from human-in-the-loop

Fusion Learning for Accuracy with Tara

Although Tara is an industry expert, she keeps learning with the interactions from the documents and customer or your team queries. Usually, she escalates and takes the needed support from the human-in-the-loop to bring in more transparency and efficiency. With the fusion-learning approach, she also enriches the ML models and improves information extraction from the documents.

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