3 ways to enhance your
business with AI Builder in the



AI Adoption is Skyrocketing

86% of organizations believe that AI will be a
“mainstream technology” for them in 2021,
an AI adoption study by PwC finds.

Microsoft Power Platform

Embrace Agility and Foster Innovation

Power bi Icon

Power BI

Business Analytics

Actionable insights by unifying data from many sources to amplify your decisions

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Power Apps

Application Development

Build enterprise-grade apps in hours leveraging low-code

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Power Automate

Process Automate

Enable workflow automation in your enterprise applications with low-code approach

Power virtual agent

Power Virtual Agents

Intelligent Virtual Agents

Easily build chatbots for engaging conversations with your customers, employees, or any stakeholders

AI Builder

– Improve business performance and automate processes

Append intelligence to your business by choosing models as per your need from the AI Builder component as per your business needs

Pre-built AI Models

  • Business card reader – Extract contacts
  • Text Recognition – OCR to extract words
  • Text Category Classification
  • Key Phrase Extraction
  • Language Detection and Text Translation
  • Sentiment Analysis from Text

  • Custom AI Models

  • NLP for Category classification and Intent analysis
  • Key Entity Extraction -Unstructured to Structured Data
  • Document/Form Processing – Invoices, Policies, etc.
  • Image Processing/Object Detection
  • Future Outcomes Prediction
  • Easily build chatbots for engaging conversations with your customers, employees, or any stakeholders
  • How to enhance your business with AI-Builder?

    Process Automation

    Critical business process transformation with effectiveness and RoI:

  • Invoice Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis
  • Price Optimization
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Expense Reporting
  • Document Management

    Extraction of data/text to reduce the processing time:

  • Policy, Tax, Sales, Orders, Travel Documents information management
  • Contacts information retrieval
  • Classify Customer Feedback
  • Customer application processing automation
  • Cognitive Intelligence

    Reimagine your business with unstructured data from images, text and voice:

  • Fraud Detection
  • Quality Checks
  • Mobile Product Inspection
  • Product Reviews
  • Language Detection and Conversion
  • Text contextual analysis
  • Scanned Documents Text conversion