Deliver Automated and Personalized experience with chatbot

Chatbots are virtual assistants that respond quickly to user queries. To improve user engagement, all you need is a chatbot.

80% of people have already interacted with a chatbot

The chatbot market will reach $454.8 million by 2027

Chatbots can handle 69% of the entire conversations

68% of users enjoy the quick response of chatbots

Benefits of Chatbot


Chatbot Benefits

use cases of chatbot across enterprises

Chatbots can save 2.5 billion hours and $8 billion for enterprises in the next two years. Organizations can use chatbots for various activities. A few are given below.

Customer service and support

23% of customer service companies are currently using AI chatbots

33% of consumers find chatbots very effective at resolving their issues

  • Provides instant support to customer queries
  • It helps users to navigate the site
  • Processes return, exchange, and product tracking requests


The global chatbot marketing revenue is $83.4 million this year.

Chatbots can generate 55% of high-quality leads for businesses.

  • Based on the user activity, provides user-specific recommendations
  • Assists in email and marketing campaigns
  • Provides instant access to information like FAQ, articles, or other documents

Customer engagement

  • Provides personalized experience to engage users
  • Involves in fun conversations

Social Media

  • Communicate on omni-channel platforms
  • Provides personalized experience


  • Supports HR activities like time-off, onboarding, documentation.
  • Provides information about the company and its policies.
  • Assists simple activities like password reset, updating employee profile etc.


47% of customers are willing to buy products using chatbots

  • Handles customer onboarding and instant purchases
  • Helps in lead generation
  • Helps track order and inventory check

Customer feedback

The customer satisfaction rate is 90% with chatbots.

  • Collects feedback effortlessly

People management

  • Helps to track employee activities and sends custom alerts

Use cases of chatbots across Industries

Chatbots are becoming more intelligent, thanks to advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Chatbots can assist organizations of all sizes in eliminating manual work.

Here are few use cases of chatbots for different industries.


By 2023, chatbots will generate over $100 billion in e-commerce transactions.

  • Re-engages customers in case of abandoned carts
  • Provides offers and suggestions


By 2023, chatbots will generate over $100 billion in e-commerce transactions.

  • Acts as a healthcare assistant
  • Provides information on medical subjects
  • Assists physicians
  • Helps to book appointment and answers queries


  • Suggests policies and services
  • Helps filling forms and applications
  • Provides FAQ and answers for queries
  • Sends Notifications and Alerts


  • Answers queries like balance check, due date, credit payment etc.
  • Helps in money transactions
  • Provides information on banking products, accounts, and actions.


  • Collects feedback
  • Upgrades plan
  • Redirects to the respective agent


  • Supports in-store purchases
  • Provides information of the product


  • Provides information about public data and Government processes and policies.
  • Registers complaints and collects feedback

Chatbots have endless benefits.
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