Experience the combinatory power of the Power platform

Many large enterprises adversely depend on high code intense processes for their application development. But with growing times, enterprises can actively leverage cutting-edge technology to fulfill their diverse requirements.

The one which has a growing need is Application development. Building fast-phased application development is now possible with low code. It empowers operational heads in the organization to build an application without much coding knowledge required.

Driving modern enterprise applications with low code Power component is a significant advantage for enterprises on a single thread, but leveraging the Power platform’s Combinatory use helps enterprises accelerate end-to-end project processing and helps in acquiring accurate results.

Did you know?

Currently, 97% of the Fortune 500 uses the Microsoft Power Platform in many remarkable ways.  Analyze, act, automate and communicate forms the core of power platform ecosystem. Each represents best of class solutions in their own category, but the combination of three is an absolute game-changer for enterprises to increase their potential growth rate. Before deep diving into the understanding of the combinatory power, let us explore how each of it contributes to organizational growth and transformation alone:

(Power BI)

Harnessing the power of data to unlock endless possibilities in data driven decision making.

(Power Apps)

An extended arm with an ammunition of low code to facilitate rapid application development.

(Power Automate)

Automating repetitive actionable tasks and workflows, which are easy point and click exercises.

(Power Virtual Agents)

Provide exceptional customer/employee experiences with Power Virtual Agents and intelligent chatbot solutions.

While each alone has their own advantage, the collaborative use of power platforms helps enterprises accelerate their end-to-end project management and application development operations efficiently.

Success stories of Combined use Microsoft Power platform

As per Forrester Total Economic Impact study, Microsoft power platform is improving business outcomes by deploying 140 % ROI, 45 % decrease over application development cost and USD14.25 million in benefits due to streamlined business and development processes, improved business outcomes, and application retirement savings.
With MPP enterprises can access Microsoft Dataverse, to efficiently integrate, maintain the disparate data by premium data connectors and reuse it across the organization on a greater scale. To know More  
Let me walk you through two stories where implementation of MPP has been a great success.

Toyota empowering its employees to actively leverage Power platform solutions

Employees of Toyota have developed over 400 apps  for solving their long-term challenges and increasing their enterprise efficiently. They have used the complete package of the Power platform, which includes Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual agents, and Power BI, to streamline processes and bring in more quality standards.

Schlumberger implemented a diverse range of applications for employee satisfaction Schlumberger has seen rapid viral adoption of the Power Platform, reaching over 10k monthly active users, 650+ production apps, and 120+ citizen developers building solutions on the platform across 32 countries.

Along with health tracking app they build many other process innovation apps like Career Promotion Evalution App, Appraisal app, Power Apps canvas App etc.

Top 5 benefits power platform offers

Its wide range of connectors offers enterprises the chance to integrate and use all Microsoft platforms with just a drag-and-drop option without investing more in complex coding and costly IT resources. Explore more benefits of the combined use of Power platform components below:

Unified data Source

The power platform gathers all the information in one place using Common Data Service for the application.

Streamline workflow

By enabling analysis, act, and automated approach, the workflow is streamlined with more productivity and the best ROI.

Cost Efficiency

The use of the power platform from start to end project processing helps enterprises decrease their overall cost by 70 %.

Automatic Reporting

The combinatory power of the power platform helps in automatic report generation.

Flexibility in operation

Allows anyone within the department to build low-code applications to self-support their objectives.

How Saxon Can help?

We at Saxon believe and drive technology aspects based on the outcome it delivers. Whether used alone or put the combinatory power to use, we are proficient in delivering results aligning with organizational vision. Rather than the emphasis on what to use, our forethought is around the outcome expected.

We assist enterprises in identifying areas for improvement and delivering personalized MPP (Microsoft Power Platform) services. With our expert guidance, you can leverage intelligent automation, develop custom applications, boost productivity, and streamline integration with both Microsoft and third-party products.