Intelligent Automation

Embrace the future of modern work; productivity, speed, quality, and experience with AI-powered intelligent automation.

Ever-growing consumer expectations and a fast-changing IT environment make automation critical across organizations of all sizes.

Automation can eliminate mundane manual tasks, ease operational and maintenance burdens, enhance experiences, and optimizes business outcomes.

Saxon’s Intelligent automation services include assessments, providing advisory on framing strategies, facilitating change management using cognitive solutions, and delivering solutions with an end-to-outcome mindset.

It includes natural language processing, cognitive services, and virtual agents, which can support you enhance efficiency and productivity in numerous ways, and there is more to the story.

Lay your foundation for automation

Prepare Core legacy systems Re-engineer existing business processes
Build efficiencies in back office operations
Chatbot and conversational interfaces

Why Saxon?

We believe in delivering business value and continuity aligning with enterprise expectations in the AI-led transformation. We offer enterprise-grade solutions for our clients to remain competitive and value their processes rather than considering one size fits all. Building best-fit digital and market-ready solutions to unlock unparalleled business opportunities and process efficiency is our forte.

We partner with clients to support their automation journey with deep domain expertise, a compelling deployment model optimized for speed and scale, and a unique workforce combined with our AI and Automation Services offerings.

  • AI and automation consulting and roadmap involves AI maturity assessment, use case discovery, creating a business case, and facilitating business outcomes.
  • To implement use cases, deliver business value at scale, operational excellence, and chatbot in a week.
  • Encourage the democratization of AI and scale adoption.
  • Enable pre-built cognitive solutions like text, speech, voice, sentiment analysis, Image detection, etc.
  • Personalize interactions, enabling total experience, finding anomalies, etc.

Digitize and transform operations with intelligent automation services

  • Plan pilot and scale
  • Realize resilience, business continuity, flexibility, and the outcome along with business advantage with our pilot offerings.
  • Augment your workforce
  • Revolutionize the way work gets done with intelligent automation services by introducing a digital worker available round the clock.
  • Modernize operations
  • Add self-service and convenience to existing or new operations with predictive, adaptive, and structured real-time data and insights.
  • Enhance total experience
  • Conversational AI and automation services provide users to experience personalized engagement across multiple channels.

Get started with your automation journey today.

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