Smart, digital-enabled onboarding experience

Employee experience is much more than engagement through the hire-to-retire process. The foremost process, onboarding is crucial to retain the employee and improve the productivity.

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For an effective Onboarding process, organizations need to focus on digital experience through their journey. The critical components are:


Organizations need to focus on inducing culture to the employees from day one


Employees should be knowledgeable about the success in their role and how to achieve it


Organizations need to check on the employees regularly

Why Onboarding experience is crucial?

  • Reduction in employee turnover costs by 100-300%
  • 50% more productive employees
  • Ensures compliance
  • Equips employees with better knowledge about the responsibilities
  • Enriches organizational culture
employee onboarding experience

Why Digital Experience in Onboarding?

Negative Onboarding Experience – Results

  • 34% of employees may leave in 1-2 years
  • 66% may witness poor employee engagement

Positive Onboarding Experience – Results

  • 53% of HR executives feel it helps in positive employee engagement
  • 82% improvement in employee retention
  • 70% improvement in productivity

Saxon’s one-stop solution Onboardn improves the overall experience for the new hires along the journey with AI-enabled interactions and bot.

Onboardn - Features

Digital Front-end

Modern, social media/consumer-like digital app experience.​

  • Customizable themes and layouts, configurable for each organization’s needs and can accommodate unique specifications​
  • Personalized and intuitive navigation to provide instant contact and connection with onboarding teams​
  • Digital experience – Onboarding agenda to help new employees induction and activities or getting to know future team, all in one place!​

Natural Language Experience

Get to know the employee throughout the onboarding experience

  • Reshaping onboarding experience with conversational AI, navigating while learning more about   the candidate
  • knowledge graphs and learning models provide intelligent interactions and enable an efficient enterprise network
  • Natural interactions, more like a human, with the candidate throughout the process
  • Fostering a positive experience – Managing new hires’ natural anxiety and expectations,  meaningful interactions, getting acquainted with the new environment 

AI-enabled Automation

Streamlined and efficient workflow​s

  • Hassle-free experience with automated processes​
  • Orchestrate processes and tasks across functions and people to provide an intuitive and connected experience
  • Personalized assistance for queries, notifications, task management, updates, and recommendations

Custom Integrations

Seamless integration into any enterprise ecosystem​

  • The best-in-class, non-disruptive solution, simple to deploy, enabled on enterprise collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, custom connectors with existing systems in your landscape 

Onboardn – Employee Touchpoints

  • Preboarding
    Instructions about the app
    Login and usage pointers
    Step-by step procedures to activate the bot
  • Day 1 Agenda
    Dashboard – Activities and Milestones to be achieved
    The Bot collects the information about the candidate based on the inputs
  • Week 1
    Assigning work
    Team introductions and workplace settings
    Connecting with people and AI custom integrations
  • Weeks ahead
    AI automation to help in employee networking
    Personalized tools recommendations based on the employee interactions

Onboardn as an overall experience

Boundless communication

Aligning to company culture and values

Key focus around employee induction and interactions

Motivation, engagement, and productive employees