Our Story

A journey to create better lives and lead them to success

Experience in IT

Saxon is a data and analytics company that helps organizations become more insights-driven, solve business challenges and accelerate growth through industry-specific solutions. We help customers gain a competitive advantage by having access to actionable information to make real-time decision-making.

As a key solution partner to leading data engineering technology platforms, we are well equipped to support any data needs enterprises in multiple industries, thereby advancing their digital transformation journey.

About Us

Brand Promise

Genuine Talent Icon

Genuine Talent

We Focus Our Efforts On Taking The Necessary Steps To Validate Candidate Qualifications. Then Present You With Candidate Profiles Highlighting Their Skillsets Required For Your Line Work.

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Transparent Process

The Secret To Our Trade? Transparency.
We Believe Our Clients Should
Understand The Steps We Take
In Identifying The Right

Trusted Delivery

Trusted Delivery

We Aren’t Just An Agency You Hired; We Are An Extension Of Your Operation. Our Work Represents Your Project And Your Company. We Will Work Beside You On The Journey To Success.

Core Values

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Customers First
Our customers interests are the most important thing to us and we do our best to protect them. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience that we can. We want delighted customers and will do whatever it takes to achieve that.
Accountability ICon
We seek accountability for our actions and behaviors. We build accountability into every process and endeavor we pursue.
We believe that mutual accountability makes us better individually and as a team.
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We Play Bold And To Win
We challenge the status quo in pursuit of excellence. We treat each other and our customers with respect and dignity. We stand on what we believe. We will speak and defend our position when needed.
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Trust, Integrity and Transparency
Be it our clients or team members, we are transparent in our every step. It is our transparency that builds trust among all our stakeholders. We embed our core values in every team member across the organization.
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Investing in our people, they are our asset
We are built by the people and for the people. Our team is the core element of our success. Our people are the most important assets we have built, and we don’t just believe it, but we mean it.
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Have loads of fun
We love to come to work as we are constantly learning
and growing. We take our job seriously but ensure we have fun
while working. Life is too short to not celebrate our team and our success.

Voices of Change