Power Platform Governance Workshop

Establish the best governance practices with our 2-3 weeks Power Platform Governance workshop.

Low-code adoption is expected to be widespread by 2025 and more than 70% of organizations will adopt it. The shift has resulted in the exponential growth of citizen developers. There isn’t yet massive citizen developer population, but it is growing at 40% YoY. In 2021, Microsoft Power Apps users doubled to reach 10mn. Will these citizen developers build apps under the benevolent gaze of centralized IT teams? As the apps grow manifold, they overlap, conflict, and may overwrite each other’s data. How to maintain them. Is it so large for IT to inherit?

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Microsoft Power Platform, a holistic low-code platform provides access to more than 750 connectors and Dataverse to leverage organizational data. But most often, the platform also has inherent sensitive data access challenges as the apps from citizen developers grow rapidly. Hence, organizations should implement the best governance and data access practices.

Why Ensure Best Governance Practices?


Ensure that the right tools and connectors are in place


More visibility across apps, users, and workflows


Simplify user management and access controls


In-depth understanding of Power Platform Management and data accessibility


Effective Power Platform Management with an evaluation of the CoE


Improve Platform adoption and ease of usage

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Intelligent Document Processing Contract Intelligence

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{Citizen + Professional} Developer = Unexpected value

 Develop apps faster than ever before with best governance practices for citizen developers

Power Platform Governance

Power Platform Governance Workshop
-Our Approach

Platform Administration – Assessment

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Environment creation and access control
  • API limits and capacity management
  • Strategy – Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Power Platform Readiness Assessment

  • Current Apps and workflows
  • Tools and connectors maturity
  • Data controls
  • Gaps and recommendations

Platform Ownership

  • Role development – CoE
  • CoE starter kit
  • Tools deployment, and enhancements
  • Citizen developers – Adoption criterion

Expected Outcomes – Governance Workshop

  • Readiness evaluation and maturity – Power Platform usage, ALM, and licensing
  • Establish platform ownership between IT, business and citizen developers
  • Ensure access controls with best practices for platform administrators
  • Improve approval process and validation
  • Establish Power Platform scalability framework

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