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Reduce your analytics costs with little upfront investment.

Saxon’s data analytics as a service helps you with rapid enterprise-grade analytics with limited infrastructure management on the client side. Our experts will set up the needed infrastructure – DWH, data lake, ETL/ELT, reporting, and analytics required on the cloud for all your insights.

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Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud technologies to improve flexibility and scalability and reduce costs. Generating insights has also become cost-sensitive as organizations need to invest in various tools and technologies to support the analytics models – data lake, data warehousing, ETL/ELT, reporting and analytics, etc.

Analytics as a Service – Our Expertise

We at Saxon help you with varied analytics needs based on your business challenges. Though not limited to these, we provide insights in the following areas:

Sales and Marketing




Supply Chain


How do we do it?​

Limited infrastructure set-up and less administration

  • Ideation of analytics solutions with minimal cloud investments
  • Customized analytics solutions packages with multiple cloud services
  • Configuring DWH, ETL/ELT, reports, and dashboards, and setting up data management, governance, and engineering procedures
  • Support and maintenance for the analytics solutions

Accessible and seamless insights for stakeholders

  • Customized insights across the workflows for stakeholders as per pre-defined timelines and alerts
  • Dynamic reports with options to drill down and filter data for in-depth analysis
  • Self-service analytics solutions in a secured environment

Analytics as a Service – Pricing



Fixed pricing


Meet the Expert

Radhika is a solution architect and experienced product owner with a strong track record of converting business requirements into scalable technology solutions. With over 16 years of experience, she specializes in architecting and implementing enterprise data solutions for delivering actionable intelligence. Her expertise provides thought leadership and technical guidance to ensure successful solution delivery. During her career, Radhika has created several solution accelerators and frameworks that streamline the data migration process, translating to substantial cost savings and reduced time to market high-quality solutions. She has leveraged Azure to architect, develop, and deploy cloud-based applications for data visualizations, resulting in increased data processing efficiency and effectiveness. Radhika’s proficiency extends to SQL Server, where she has acquired extensive database construction experience. She excels in designing and coordinating prototypes or proof of concepts, ensuring the successful execution of projects. Overall, Radhika’s diverse skill set and her deep understanding of Azure solutions and SQL Server make her an invaluable asset for businesses seeking innovative and efficient solutions to their technological challenges.