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Unless you adapt to evolving technology rapidly, there is a high risk of being disrupted in this digital world. Application modernization is not about shifting your legacy applications, but it can be your new application that needs to be viewed through a futuristic lens. Organizations are gearing up for digital transformation repurposing, refactoring, and consolidating the existing applications to be customer-centric.

Our app modernization experts leverage cloud, automation, AI&ML, No-code technologies to ease your data management and processes. We leverage our partnerships with Microsoft Power Apps, Automation Anywhere, and a few more to help you transition your application landscape at ease.

Saxon AI team combines our understanding of today’s world with a future vision to simplify your data and amplify your decisions.

Reap The Benefits From Application Modernization

Outdated data systems always create a roadblock in accessing the data to derive insights. Modern low-code and automation capabilities, say in the Power platform, can help you fasten your insights journey.

User-centric intuitive experiences can be crafted with the necessary automation and AI-powered transactional interfaces. UI/UX and design standards have evolved, too; introducing these in your apps can enhance the customer experience manifold.

Changing anything in your legacy applications would cost you a dent, and it is a complex process too. Leveraging Low-code, RPA, and Cognitive abilities, you can update your app in no time and accelerate your time-to-market.

As you gain insights faster, you can act quickly to stay ahead of your competition. Apart from that, easing your processes for stakeholder’s experience can enhance the interactions, resulting in a unique proposition for your customers.

You can build your apps in hours, generate the needed dashboard in hours, automate your processes in no time. All these, in a nutshell, accelerate your time to market.

Application Modernization – How do we do it?

Most of the businesses are adopting cloud, DevOps, and microservices architectures for agile enterprise IT. There is more to this for organizations to unlock the value from digital transformation. Efficiencies, faster time to market, rapid application development, and easy data access for insights have become key priorities to build personalized connections with customers, employees, and all stakeholders. We established critical partnerships in a few areas to accelerate your digital transformation journey. A few of our application modernization services:

Organizations, can rapidly develop applications with limited technical knowledge while improving user collaboration. Traditional application development methodology defined roles for developers, business analysts, and data scientists. But with low-code, continuous improvements in the application can be made with minimal technical knowledge to break down silos.

Our experts can help you develop various solutions ranging from mission-critical apps to customer-centric apps leveraging our partnership with different low-code platforms.

Our application modernization services may not provide value unless we consider automation through every stage of data management and processing. Saxon AI’s expertise-driven RPA services enable you to accelerate your digital transformation journey. Our end-to-end RPA services from assessment to implementation are focused on data management. We help enterprise to simplify their data processes, maximize ROI and drive faster insights.

We at Saxon AI have partnered with leading RPA vendors like Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Power Platform to enable our clients with re-usable artifacts for more efficiencies. We aim at business process transformation that reduces costs, improves time-to-market while maximizing your RPA investments.

Data tells you about ‘what is happening,’ but ‘why it’s happening’ must be clear, and it is better to give it through wonderful narratives. What if AI&ML recommends the right narrative for your data and replaces some human effort for more intelligent activities? AI&ML can power your insights journey and auto-generate the right narrative and reports delivered to key stakeholders.

We leverage our AI&ML expertise and partnerships to create compelling narratives from complex datasets in your business. Our experts can accelerate your time to market with critical insights and always find a compelling way to communicate your insights.

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