Applied AI

Build efficient, automated, personalized, and task-based responsible AI-powered systems to transform your business processes.

AI is everywhere, transforming business processes to gain untapped insights. Our AI-led transformation approach brings value to our customers with data as the key driver and AI as the core differentiator.

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As per a McKinsey report, almost 56% of businesses adopted AI in at least one business function. The critical use cases for AI span across customer service operations, product/service enhancement, marketing, and risk management. Though AI is widely accepted, scaling up AI projects requires in-depth technology and strategy expertise. We at Saxon offer Applied AI services to achieve your business goals faster while sustaining growth.

How do we resolve your challenges?

Customer Engagement

85% interactions with AI-powered chatbots to save 10-30% costs and 20-50% productivity gains

Intelligent document processing

Entity extraction and classification to reduce costs by 20-50% and document processing times by 50-75%

Top line strategies

2-10% brand uplift with personalization, recommendation engine, and targeted marketing

Streamlining business processes

Intelligent process automation with AI and RPA to improve productivity and 25-40% automation savings

Our Applied AI Services

We modernize your business by combining cognitive services, task-specific AI, and embedded business logic.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive AI solutions to help you listen, visualize, understand and enable decisions. Leveraging Azure Cognitive services to build cognitive intelligence through your business applications.

Natural Language Processing

Text analytics, speech analytics, language translation and understanding, content-based search, and document classification.

Chatbots and Smart AI Assistants

Navigate from FAQ bots to task specific-bots to intelligent virtual agents with an underlying Microsoft Conversational AI tech stack.

Intelligent Automation

Knowledge mining for semantic search, automated entity extraction for document processing, and automation of workflows in customer service apps.


Key phrase detection, sentiment analysis, social intelligence, unstructured data analysis, text classification, and summarization.

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How do we do it?

Our experts will help you realize the value within 4 Weeks from Concept to Pilot.


We help you realize the value of Azure Cognitive services and task-specific AI, and set the roadmap, vision, and execution strategy for AI use cases.


Evaluate the use cases and the value potential for our clients. Our experts will explore the AI-led transformation’s potential business benefits; we will build the pilot and integrate it accordingly.


Continuously monitor the performance of AI solutions to improve and optimize the performance. Our experts will help you scale the AI projects through your business functions.

Our Solution Accelerators

Chatbot in a Week

With our constant emphasis on Conversational AI, our experts help you reduce the development time of Enterprise Chatbot; from concept to execution in five days. Our frameworks and accelerators will help you deliver a consistent user experience with:

  • Generic bot conversation flow
  • Automated deployment templates
  • KPI and insights dashboard

How do we deliver?

  1. Use case ideation
  2. Requirements engineering
  3. Conversational flow modeling
  4. Answer authoring
  5. Persona creation
  6. NLP Modelling and refining
  7. Bot modeling
  8. Testing and deployment
  9. Final business case/PoC

Contract Intelligence

Saxon’s best-in-class Contract Intelligence solution accelerator will improve your document processing to save around 20-50% of costs and improve the processing time by 50-75%. Built on top of Microsoft Azure and Cognitive services it is:

  • Plug-and-play solution without need for expert knowledge
  • Zero licensing fee
  • Highly secure
  • Without any platform lock-ins

How does it improve your document processing?

  1. Entity extraction – required and defined fields from all types of documents.
  2. Enables semantic search for knowledge mining
  3. Text classification, and summarization
  4. Create custom models powered by transfer learning to handle related activities