Optimize your business processes to experience improved process efficiency.

Do you wish to eliminate inaccuracies and optimize your business processes? Then we can provide the perfect solution for you.

Process intelligence helps you understand your business processes better by discovering inefficiencies and bottlenecks and opens opportunities to automate business processes resulting in increased business value. It can monitor and analyze business processes on a historical or real-time basis.

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Benefits of Process Intelligence

Improves business
process automation

digital transformation

Aids in
enterprise optimization

actionable insights

Helps you make
informed decisions

optimal processes

organizational performance

compliance and governance

SAXON’s Process intelligence
can help you at two levels

Process Level

Discover inefficiencies in your business processes

We perform process mining analysis at the process level to discover inefficiencies in your enterprise-wide processes.

Why do you need process mining?

  • Helps you to visualize business processes
  • Offers a deep understanding of your business processes
  • Provides maps for your entire processes with data and metrics to find performance inaccuracies.
  • Avoid any unwanted process and guesswork
  • Optimize business processes and automate repetitive processes
  • Reduce the time to complete processes
  • Find out non-compliant processes

Task Level

Capture and analyze desktop tasks

Once the process mining analysis is complete, insights are gathered from these data. Now, we perform task mining to discover the tasks that have contributed to the inefficiencies. Here we help you understand how each task is performed, what you can avoid, inefficiencies, and errors, and identify tasks you can automate.

Why do you need task mining?

  • Understand how each task is performed on the desktop
  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks
  • Identify the most common tasks through user interaction
  • Ensure compliance
  • Perform audit
  • Automate tasks and avoid human errors.

How to get started?

SAXON’s process intelligence solution helps you to find bottlenecks in your business processes and opens doors to automation.

Our process intelligence solution aims to eliminate inefficiencies and provides insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions faster and quicken your digital transformation journey.

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