Conversational AI

Provide highly personalized interactions with Conversational AI solutions

Achieve strategic business outcomes by automating, personalizing, and optimizing every interaction with Conversational AI solutions. We enable responsiveness, personalization, and intelligent interactions for our customers with an idea-to-business case approach aligning with your business needs.

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What we offer?

We offer conversational AI solutions for you to seize endless business opportunities. Our conversational AI experts with extensive and diverse knowledge can build chatbots for any business requirement in just a week.

Our solutions range from building chatbot in a week to automating any operational process with our AI chatbots, helping you to accomplish more and better.

Chatbot in a Week

With our constant emphasis on Conversational AI, our experts help you reduce the development time of Enterprise Chatbot; from concept to execution in five days. Our frameworks and accelerators will help you deliver a consistent user experience with:

Generic bot conversation flow

Automated deployment templates

KPI and insights dashboard

Business Value of Conversational AI

Conversational AI agents benefit enterprises in many ways by automating contact center processes. They

  • Streamline the contact center efficiency.
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Drive human-like conversation with your customers
  • Enable self-service option available round the clock
  • Enhance agent efficiency and productivity
  • Perform continuous learning and improvement to offer a better experience every time customer interacts.

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Never Leave Your Customers Without Answers

Meeting customers’ expectations determine the organization’s success in the current market. Be ready for your customers whenever they want to contact you.


SAXON offers an array of conversational AI solutions. We build highly tailored chatbots for all your enterprise needs.

  • Benefit from a multi-disciplinary team.
  • We save your time and money.
  • Our chatbot implementation is simple.
  • You can deploy our chatbots on Microsoft teams, websites, etc.
  • We believe in strong partnerships.
  • We have successfully delivered chatbots for multiple industries and various business cases.

How our team can help?

Building or enhancing digital functionalities in creating, Anytime, Anywhere, Any-device AI-enabled service of your business

3-5 day facilitated sessions, focused on education and identifying value driven use cases for AI in your business process. At the end of this, you will have at least one solution concept solution that can be used to gain shared understanding and executive buy-in.

Our proof of value sprints focus on quickly turning working code using your data and your use cases.

Leverage Saxon’s experience and accelerators in designing best of breed solutions. Whether constructing a conversational AI for employees or knowledge mining or decision intelligence platforms, our data scientists, engineers will ensure it meets value for both you and your end users.

Deliver integrated, AI-enabled multi-channel customer experience on cloud.



We realize conversational AI can bring value, but we need a strategy to set directions and show where to test technology use cases.



We need to validate with high value use cases and test with users to prove assumptions and evaluate benefits, we need to build pilot and integrate them.



We need to integrate and scale services, continuously monitor and improve, optimize interactions.