Data Analytics

Empower your business performance by extracting powerful insights from your raw data with SAXON’s data analytics services.

Data is the fueling component of any business today. By incorporating Data Analytics into your data ecosystem, you can extract meaningful insights from your data effectively.

With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we make it possible for you to leverage real-time data and extract insights to make high-quality decisions in no time.

Business decision makers say Data Analytics has helped them Scale up their business

Meeting customer needs by 79%
Sales by 76%
Trend and Pattern prediction by 72%
New revenue streams generation by 70%

Where can SAXON make a difference?

Today, Many businesses want to be data-driven because of its vast benefits. Data-driven decisions have the potential to drive your business performance. But why do organizations find it challenging, despite the game-changing benefits?

Having the correct data and tools alone will not reap you the benefits but setting the focus on extracting actionable insights, agile approach, proper data integration, continuous development, and process ownership with a supportive organizational culture.

That’s where we specialize.


With our expertise in Data Analytics, we are dedicated to following a strategic approach that aligns with your goal. Our “Data as a Product” approach helps us ensure the security, quality, and compliance of data.

Client-centric Approach Client-centric Approach

Accelerate Time to Insights Accelerate Time to Insights

Easy-to-understand visualizations Easy-to-understand visualizations

Our Services

SAXON offers end-to-end data analytics services. Our Robust Process, Next-Gen Technologies, Cutting-Edge capabilities, and our intelligent platform help us offer the best data analytics solution for all your needs. Our services include

Data and Analytics Strategy

Data and Analytics

Our client-centric approach enables us to craft the best strategies to empower your decisions with meaningful insights.

AI and ML Solutions

AI and ML

With the advanced capabilities of AI and ML, we offer the best solutions for all your automation needs.

Data Visualization


We provide high-quality, clear, and easy-to-understand reports/dashboards for your quick decision-making.

Predictive Analytics


Gain a competitive edge with our best-in-class trend and pattern analysis.

Operational Analytics


We help you get a clear picture of your operations to help you make the right decision and improve your performance.

Narrative Science


We can give the power of story-telling to your data. Let your data tell your story with our narrative science services.

Analytics Data governance

Analytics Data

We adhere to the regulatory standards and manage your data ensuring high scalability

Master data management

Master data

With our MDM services, we make sure your data is reliable and easily accessible breaking data silos.

Data Quality Management

Data Quality

Our data quality management services ensures your data is of high quality and improves your decisions.

Our Intelligent Solution – InsightBox

InsightBox is an AI-powered platform that accelerates data and time to insights with its intelligent features.

With Pre-built features, you can get your insights in less than a day

It has a highly secured MDM system and data quality management to enhance your decisions with high-quality real-time insights

Simple, scalable, and sophisticated cloud agnostic platform

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