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Reimagine and modernize your data landscape

to facilitate better decision making leading to superior experience and productivity. Extract Real-Time Actionable insights to construct Informed Decisions leading to better business outcomes.

We at Saxon are specialized Data, Analytics, and Insights partners for solving critical business problems leading to a productive outcome. We preload our services with the capabilities to address industry and function-specific problems, pain points, and needs in every corner of your enterprise.

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Data is the new superpower

According to Gartner, 35% of chief data officers (CDOs) cited poor data literacy as the most critical roadblock to the success of the data and analytics discipline within the organization.

According to Gartner, poor data quality costs organizations an average of USD12.9 million.

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Accelerate your business outcome with real-time actionable insights.
Data is the fueling component of any business today. By incorporating Data, Analytics, and Insights into your data ecosystem, you can extract meaningful insights from your data effectively.

With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we make it possible for you to leverage real-time data and extract insights to make high-quality decisions in no time.

Lay your data foundation with strategy and roadmap consulting – identify the perfect fit use case for data modernization

Get started with effective data quality, management, and governance strategies to extract quick, accurate, and real-time decisions

Give the power of self service, advanced analytics, and visualization to your data. Let your data tell you a story

Enhance business performance and predict business outcomes by leveraging the power of AI and ML

Data and analytics consulting

Data and analytics Consulting

Facilitating strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making combined with our client-centric approach and best strategies with meaningful insights. Our strategies are built to align your Data, Analytics, and Insights initiatives to business outcomes.

Analytics as a service

Analytics as
a service

We enable insights-as-a-service with automated decision-making capabilities, bringing the best diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. We provide managed and scaled analytics solutions according to the organization's data and decision needs.

Data Engineering


We are here to transform data ecosystems to be present and future-ready. We help build data lakes, hubs, and warehouses and provide data infrastructure modernization and integration services while securing data privacy and compliance.


Data Governance

We ensure quality and consistency with a lower cost per insight, time to insights, and consistent decision-making experience with lean data operations, AI and ML infusion, automation-first approach, and transparent governance. We combine practical experience with technology, industry/domain experience & business strategy to help you get started.

Data Migration and Modernization

Data Migration and Modernization

We deliver easy-to-adopt and time-effective migration and modernization solutions to a broad spectrum of legacy data challenges. We leverage an optimal mix of human and machine intelligence to migrate and modernize your data ecosystem. Extracting the business value of data insights, faster insights time with an optimal cost per insight is our forte.

Data Visualization And Reporting

Visualization and Reporting

We provide high-quality, clear, easy-to-understand pixel-perfect reports and interactive dashboards for your business needs. We bring together the combinatory power of data, systems, and people in a fully-interactive visual insights uncovering a data story recommending growth drivers.

Data science and machine learning

Data science and Machine Learning

We apply both proven statistical methods and elaborate machine learning algorithms to deliver advanced analytics and AI solutions and unlock the true potential of data. By using ML and AI, we are instrumental in driving superior customer experience tailored to your unique business needs.

Good Data Overrides Opinion

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Power Bi + Synapse

Experience a new class of analytics with Azure Synapse and Power BI in 4 weeks

Azure Synapse Analytics Assessment

A 2-Week assessment to analyze the existing data ecosystem and define the detailed roadmap to your synapse plan.

Power BI - 4-Week Custom Visual Implementation

A 4-week implementation to visualize your data according to your unique business needs