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Accelerate your data analytics journey with our custom solutions fit for your challenges. Gear up your business to compete on Analytics, AI&ML, and the whole data life cycle.

Do you want to be a Big Data Analytics superpower? Imagine your business with the ability to garner insights predict everything from all your data sources. Predict your customer churn, the impact of medical treatments, new revenue streams for your products, predict your demand, all these to give you the ability to strategize your actions before they happen.
The data analytics journey is not about predicting the business needs but having the right data management system and data architecture to process the information rapidly. Is that good enough to accelerate your speed-to-market with data discovery environments?

Pre-built AI/ML Models, Dashboard Templates to Accelerate your Insights Process

If you have data, tools, data processing system in place, it is just not enough for your accelerated insights path. Development and deployment of machine learning models take months, and it is not a single click interface. You can’t speed up your insights progress if you are building a model from scratch. The solution is to leverage pre-built AI/ML models and pre-built templates for a few common use cases.

We leverage our InsightsBox platform alongside our data expertise to fasten your time-to-answers. Holistic data management appended with some pre-built analytics solutions can be a game-changer for an insights-driven business.

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InsightBox- Our Custom Solution to Amplify your Decisions

The platform provides you an extensive list of Power BI dashboards suited for your industry and business domain. In addition to the dashboards, the platform also has pre-built AI/ML models and a chatbot to power your data storytelling. How does it add value to your insights journey?

  • Scale your data analysis to grow with your organizations’ data
  • An exclusive library of templates and analytics models
  • Tailor fit for your industry and domain needs
  • End-to-end data analytics solution – data source connectors, reports and dashboards, AI/ML models, and data storytelling
  • Plug and play architecture, cloud and on-premise
  • Why Choose us for Data Analytics Services?

  • Agile insights – DataOps instills agile operations methodology to your data analytics strategy through automation and collaboration. Our partnership with Rivery, a comprehensive DataOps platform, can be leveraged for swift insights to drive your business.
  • Our team at Saxon can be your extended arm for all your data needs. One-stop solution provider for data engineering, data governance, and data analytics services.
  • We leverage our rapid data pipelines and modern architectures expertise to speed up your data preparation process.
  • Our clients trust us for rethinking their data analytics strategy and amplifying their decisions.
  • Cross-functional team across different industries
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    Our Data Analytics Services

    Data Visualization
    Data Visualization

    Reveal your most critical business insights leveraging our interactive and analytical data visualization dasboards. We accelerate your insights journey with our pre-built industry templates tailor fit for your major business decisions.

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    Predictive Analytics
    Predictive Analytics

    We power your operations and strategic decisions with our best-in-class predictive data analytics models. Be it sales, marketing, supply chain, operations, HR, finance our data modelling experts are domain agnostic to predict behaviors and patterns that can fuel your business functions.

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    Operational Analytics
    Operational Analytics

    It is just not about decision making, but to manage costs, enhance service levels, drive efficiencies, and demand supply planning. Leverage our expertise to define your operational KPIs for your sales, marketing, product analysis and automation efforts.

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    Big Data Analytics
    Big Data Analytics

    Uncover your insights from structured/ unstructured, streaming/batch data leveraging our data analytics models and NLP techniques. As we build your big data analytics solutions, our experts consider open source software to optimize your costs and improve the velocity of insights.

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    Data Security
    AI and ML

    Whether it is for automation or customer experience or price optimization or any smart operations, we can infuse value with our AI and ML solutions. Change your data dynamics with our end-to-end data and analytics solutions built upon the evolving tech stack.

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    Narrative Science
    Narrative Science

    Capture your audience attention leverating our data narrative expertise. Every data point may not prove valuable to your stakeholders, we follow the context, conflict and the resolution approach to entice the short attention span of every stakeholder.

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    Reporting and Analytics
    Reporting and Analytics

    Our experts leverage descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive and predictive data analytics to deliver rapid insights for your business. Our services address specific needs for every industry and domain, viz. customer data analytics, supply chain analytics, marketing campaign analytics, financial analytics to name a few.

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    A few Success Stories

    Improved average order sizes for a retail client by understanding customer persona

    Our client was able to analyze the items in each customers’ cart and correlate them with buyer persona to offer relevant product recommendations. Data from all customer touchpoints were utilized to establish a single source of truth for each buyer.

    Operational insights for a healthcare provider

    Our client was incurring huge costs in their day-to-day operations, so they leveraged our Power BI expertise to visualize the cost per medical treatment, overhead costs per patient, and insurance coverage per treatment plan. We could converge all these to optimize their operations and enhance their patient satisfaction.

    A Few Success Stories


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