Data Fabric

Elevate the value of your enterprise data by providing the right users with timely access to the right data just in time, regardless of where it is stored.

Modernize Data Management and Integration Using Data Fabric:

Data fuel the intelligent enterprises of today and tomorrow. They help identify potential frauds, create compelling customer experiences and unlock value from different organizational functions. Data fabric enables better access to distributed data and facilitates self-service delivery to data consumers by effectively curating and orchestrating information.

Data fabric is a data management design concept that responds directly to long-standing data integration challenges in a highly distributed and diverse data landscape. It promotes self-service data consumption, reduces data discrepancies, improves data quality, governance and automates the integration process.

“By 2023, organizations using data fabrics to dynamically connect, optimize and automate data management processes will reduce time to integrated data delivery by 30%.” – IBM

Data Fabric
Data Fabric

Why do D&A leaders need a data fabric?

  • Self-service data consumption and collaboration
  • Unified governance and compliance
  • Agnostic to platform and application
  • Automate governance, data protection, and security enabled by active metadata
  • Automate data engineering tasks and augment data integration
  • Future-proofs infrastructure
  • No need for data movement

The Saxon Value In Creating Data Fabric

Saxon Data fabric implementation enables enterprises to access data in a frictionless manner and creates a shared data environment. With the data fabric, we can deliver a unified data management framework that allows data to be processed and flow seamlessly, overcoming the barriers created by data siloes.

Data Fabric

Our Data Fabric solution:

  • connects to any data source using pre-packaged connectors and components
  • effectively manages data across all cloud environments and also on-premise data infrastructure.
  • supports use data streams in batch, real-time, and in all formats
  • provides built-in machine learning, data quality, and governance capabilities
  • enables data integration and application integration scenarios
  • provides full API development lifecycle support
Why Choose
Why Choose

Data Fabric Use cases:

  • Using data and AI collaboration to provide insights that help manufacturers and users do preventive maintenance of expensive equipment.
  • Trigger real-time security alerts by sifting through sophisticated analysis of typical and anomalous behavior coming from various systems.
  • Create 360-degree customer view of real-time data from various sales activities, potential revenue realization, customer onboarding time, and customer satisfaction metrics.
  • Creating improved business understanding through a holistic view of the business across activities and departments.
  • Create a data marketplace for addressing multiple use cases removing the redundancy of multiple data infrastructure.

Introducing InsightBox

A data platform that accelerates the journey of data to actionable intelligence.

InsightBox is designed to address your organization’s data needs, connecting any data sources and translating them to an organized data environment, better visualization, prediction, and decision-making. Industry and function-specific library of reports/dashboards help you get started with your dashboard in just a day.
Efficiency at the nucleus, this platform is designed to reduce time to data, increase data visibility and facilitate better decision making.



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