Data Migration and Modernization

Migrate your data efficiently and modernize your data landscape with the cloud.

We at Saxon can manage your entire cloud migration and modernization process, including strategy, planning, design, and testing, quickly and seamlessly while ensuring minimal risk and flexibility to the process. Our experts specialize in Azure Infrastructure services.

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The need for data migration is recurring due to data storage costs, vendor up-gradation, and data transformation projects. Many organizations consider data migration to the cloud a risky choice as data loss and downtime can impact critical business applications. The most important choice is to partner with a trusted Cloud migration and modernization services provider. You may have the best data migration tools and solutions, but collaboration among stakeholders is essential for successful data migration.

Cloud Migration and Modernization Services

We engineer data to extract actionable intelligence. With our expertise, we provide the best solution for all your data challenges, from data ingestion to extracting insights. Our services include

Azure Managed Services

Saxon’s Azure Managed services will help you generate maximum RoI from your cloud investments.

Avail our cloud readiness assessment to map your current and future state. We leverage our in-depth consulting and strategy expertise to craft a customized cloud migration strategy.

Leverage our exclusive cloud migration framework, to initiate planning for Azure’s multi-cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud deployments. Organizations can embrace Azure PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS under pay-per-use.

Adopt a custom-designed Azure cloud environment in weeks. We will help you with seamless integration with existing workloads, the best uptime, zero data loss, and intelligent risk management with 24/7 monitoring.

Track the cloud applications’ performance and health to gain insights in real-time. Businesses can avail Azure-native tools and centralized visibility over your infra logs, instances, alert mechanisms, and threat notifications.

Our Saxon experts will develop a customized security strategy and the best security tools to suit your requirements. We regularly check and update your Azure environment compliance with secure data storage standards.

Our experts will advance your business continuity planning, data backup and recovery plans on the Azure cloud services platform. We extend our best DRaaS framework to ensure high availability and zero data loss.

Our Cloud Migration And Modernization Services - Benefits

Accelerate your data migration

We make a sustainable contribution to the world and the people around us.

Zero downtime

We ensure zero downtime migration of data, schema, and objects to Azure or AWS.

Migration planning

We follow a solid data migration strategy with easy-to-understand processes and tools.


We provide highly resilient and self-healing migration services that guarantee reliable outcomes.

Data Migration Process – Saxon

  • 1
    Migration Planning
  • 2
    Explore and assess the data sources
  • 3
    Design solutions
  • 4
    Build and Test
  • 5
    Execute and Verify
cloud migration and modernization

Why is Saxon the Best Data Migration Service Partner

With 20+ years of experience in managing complex data migration scenarios, we ensure that we allocate the right resources for successful migration including :

Highest RoI per every dollar invested in our data migration experts and consultants.

Time-tested solutions and proven through years of execution across business and technology domains

Rapid, cost-effective project delivery to save money and time for our clients

Transparent, collaborative, and communicative processes with minimal risk of data migration failures


Meet the Expert

Radhika is a solution architect and experienced product owner with a strong track record of converting business requirements into scalable technology solutions. With over 16 years of experience, she specializes in architecting and implementing enterprise data solutions for delivering actionable intelligence. Her expertise provides thought leadership and technical guidance to ensure successful solution delivery. During her career, Radhika has created several solution accelerators and frameworks that streamline the data migration process, translating to substantial cost savings and reduced time to market high-quality solutions. She has leveraged Azure to architect, develop, and deploy cloud-based applications for data visualizations, resulting in increased data processing efficiency and effectiveness. Radhika’s proficiency extends to SQL Server, where she has acquired extensive database construction experience. She excels in designing and coordinating prototypes or proof of concepts, ensuring the successful execution of projects. Overall, Radhika’s diverse skill set and her deep understanding of Azure solutions and SQL Server make her an invaluable asset for businesses seeking innovative and efficient solutions to their technological challenges.


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