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Data Privacy

Reduce risks while preserving the actual value of your enterprise data.

Data is fueling the growth of many digital businesses. Personalized product/service offerings, location-based marketing, and consumer insights – all of these depend on a lot of personal information shared by the clients/customers. Not only these, but vendors, suppliers, R&D, financial data, and legal contract details have a lot of business information that needs to be safeguarded. Organizations are eager to gather this data, and at the same time, need to prevent any breaches. Data theft and privacy concerns lead to many short and long-term consequences and the most critical being loss of consumer trust.
Our Data privacy services leveraged by best practices can protect your organization with strategies, processes, and solutions to identify and safeguard your sensitive information. Our experts help you understand the risks for business-critical data and analyze the pain points in your systems. We then formulate data privacy strategies and implement best-in-class data privacy solutions to maintain your data securely.

How do we Manage your Information Risks?

We view data privacy services not just as a technology but as a strategy to mitigate your risks. Our experts’ leverage processes, technology, and solutions, all customized to safeguard your information assets. We deliver:

  • Data privacy strategies and industry-specific solutions to reduce the risk of disclosure of sensitive data to unauthorized users
  • Effective data privacy solutions with proven best practices and experienced consultants
  • Regulatory compliance as per industry norms such as GDPR, HIPAA, GLBA and CCPA
  • How do we Manage your Information Risks?

    Data Privacy Services – Saxon Global

    Data privacy risks and compliance

    Our data privacy consultants review your personal data collecting activities, storage, accessibility and identify gaps and risks. We also assess your global regulatory compliance for privacy.

    Data privacy readiness, impact, and risk assessment

    We investigate, evaluate and recognize business services or processes that involve data collection, processing, and disseminating personal information. We understand your information risks and formulate strategies for mitigation.

    Vendors, legal, and R&D risk assessment

    Identify vendors, evaluate contracts and audits for data governance—evaluate the vendor’s processes to automate controls related to data exchange on a day-to-day basis.

    Breach response and consent rights management

    Our experts set up a breach response checklist and equip your teams for any contingency without letting down your trust, efficacy, and any data loss.

    Assessment – data breach response

    Our experts assess your incident response plan, evaluate tools and services, and analyze your communication plan to any possible data breaches.

    Data privacy, protection, and security solutions

    We help implement best-in-class data privacy solutions for sensitive data (either in rest or motion or use).

    Privacy and security by design – architecture

    Our data privacy consultants follow a proactive approach to not only append privacy as an add-on but integrate it through the operation and management of every data system and process. Privacy and security by design ensure end-to-end security and privacy as the default setting.

    Assurance for privacy and security controls

    Every organization’s work culture has changed, and so have the privacy and security controls. We ensure that your more sensitive data, like health information, are safeguarded with password-based cryptography.

    Data process risks impact and remediation

    We assess the data cleansing and preparation processes for controls related to sensible information. Our experts see that personal information is identified, segmented, indexed, and classified with the organization’s terminology for a high degree of sensitivity.

    Why Us?

    Why Us?

  • We are end-to-end data services provider; you entrust your data with us, we enable you with best practices in data preparation, governance, privacy, and security.
  • Over 20+ years of experience safeguarding enterprise data assets.
  • Certified consultants with industry-specific expertise and solutions implementation best-practices.
  • We ensure you highest RoI for every dollar spent on our services.
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