Data Science & Machine Learning

Rethink your business models with the new data-driven agenda and insights.

Data Science and Machine Learning are transforming enterprise decisions into a new paradigm. Whether you want to improve your operations or customer experience, data science and machine learning hold immense potential. 

Implementing data science and machine learning solutions comes with a few challenges. Fragmented data, scarce data science skillsets, rigid IT standards, tools, and methodologies often lead to lower RoI from data science projects.

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Our experts with complete data science knowledge and expertise help you derive value from the raw datasets. 

We will engineer data science solutions customized for your business challenges and according to industry knowledge.

Our ML experts will involve in your processes to understand the nuances and craft a transformation roadmap accordingly.

Why do you need Data Science and Machine Learning Solutions?

Data Science and Machine Learning Services

Our experts harness the latest advancements to provide custom solutions to your business challenges

Machine Learning Models

By leveraging the latest advances like NLP and cognitive capabilities, we help you with solutions like Chatbots, document intelligence, and intelligent applications. Flexible deployments to run any ML model.

AI-led Transformation

We will help you uncover the potential of AI by leveraging it across processes, workflows, and business functions to improve efficiencies, transform the total experience and automate tasks.

Decision Intelligence

Accelerate your decisions with trusted AI powered by strong data engineering and data governance practices. Capabilities spanned through AI and ML lifecycle to enable trustworthy decisions.

Our experts enable you with solutions to handle data in different formats and structures. Real-time processing to offer personalization and rapid insights to stakeholders.

Our Approach

Analyze the business challenges

Identify the gaps in processes and challenges that impact business performance.

Data exploration

Explore datasets, review infrastructure and data sources and define the roadmap for exploratory data analysis.

Data cleansing and preparation

Set up cleansing routines, and integrate data sources, ETL/ELT, and data pipelines to transfer data.

Modeling and testing

Train models and test according to the data. Choice of models as per performance, scalability, and simplicity.

Packaging as a solution

Re-engineer, integrate and monitor the solution to improve outcomes and performance.


Updates according to the new tools, AI methodologies, and new features from any underlying platforms.


Meet the Expert

Radhika is a solution architect and experienced product owner with a strong track record of converting business requirements into scalable technology solutions. With over 16 years of experience, she specializes in architecting and implementing enterprise data solutions for delivering actionable intelligence. Her expertise provides thought leadership and technical guidance to ensure successful solution delivery. During her career, Radhika has created several solution accelerators and frameworks that streamline the data migration process, translating to substantial cost savings and reduced time to market high-quality solutions. She has leveraged Azure to architect, develop, and deploy cloud-based applications for data visualizations, resulting in increased data processing efficiency and effectiveness. Radhika’s proficiency extends to SQL Server, where she has acquired extensive database construction experience. She excels in designing and coordinating prototypes or proof of concepts, ensuring the successful execution of projects. Overall, Radhika’s diverse skill set and her deep understanding of Azure solutions and SQL Server make her an invaluable asset for businesses seeking innovative and efficient solutions to their technological challenges.