Enterprise Automation Strategy

Leverage the holistic potential of 4A – AI, Automation, Analytics, and Apps

Saxon’s enterprise automation strategy services will help businesses visualize the potential of automation and AI and craft a roadmap for AI-powered automation implementation across business operations.


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Organizations need more precision and velocity in their decisions. With AI, automation, and analytics, enterprises can bring efficiencies and accuracy in decisions. Automation and AI can create feedback loops to include context and eliminate human errors to improve the decision’s velocity.

Also, automation was once rule-based, and now with the evolving enterprise needs, it has transformed into task automation or AI-powered automation.

Why do you need AI-powered Automation?

Increasing need for strategy conversations needed today

Different maturity levels in automation -early adopters using manual and automation.

Evolving customized solutions as per scalable requirements

More potential with the combined power of AI, automation, analytics and apps than in silos

Shift from traditional automation, which is more rule-based or task automation to AI-infused automation (aka Intelligent Automation) requires a different approach

Partner-centric assistance and challenges in identifying feasibility and scalability

Enterprise Automation Strategy – Components

We have an experts team in AI, automation and analytics who collaborate to identify the gaps in the current state of processes and define a future state with the following components:


Automation vision and strategy

Establishing the roadmap and identifying the processes and workflows that transform with AI-powered automation implementation



Identify the IT methodologies used and analyze the tools required to address the gaps. Roadmap for new tools and technologies needed for intelligent automation.


Governance and operating model

Enabling organization structure, controls, and processes to manage the automation implementations across the business functions.


Readiness and sustainability

Communication, collaboration and scalability of AI-powered automation initiatives. Training, acceptance and stakeholder support for the transformation.


The impact

We analyze the impact, value creation, and financial feasibility for planning and managing AI-powered automation initiatives.



Our experts help you with the comprehensive resources and processes involved in designing, developing, and deploying automation solutions.

How We Do It?

Enterprise automation strategy

  • Discovery/envisioning workshops
  • Identify, prioritize and define high-value use cases
  • Size potential business benefits
  • Develop a high-level solution concept overview
  • Present AI & Automation strategy to key stakeholders and for executive buy-in