Knowledge Mining

Unlock the valuable insights lying latent in your data assets and make informed decisions at scale

82% say that exploring, understanding, and using unstructured data is a huge challenge 54% say that more than 50% of their data is unstructured.

The essence of the greatest innovation can be underlying in your unseen spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, videos, and even images. One area that remains gray is how organizations understand and use their entire data.

Two significant challenges that organizations face today are the constant increase of unstructured data and a prominent way to understand these data to make informed decisions. Knowledge mining transforms how businesses understand and leverage their content by finding and exploiting the value in vast troves of untapped knowledge to create more insights and business opportunities. Extracting that vital insight at scale becomes complex for organizations when they try to do it the conventional way.

How knowledge mining works?

Knowledge mining involves three major steps. 


Content is ingested via connectors from data sources and third-party data sources.


Content is enhanced by AI capabilities to extract insights, find trends and patterns, and deepen understanding.


The newly indexed content is now available to explore through search, bots, visualization, dashboards, etc.

How can we help?

Application Modernization in Manufacturing

Microsoft Azure + Cognitive Services

With the best-in-class capabilities of Azure and cognitive services, we can help you understand your data better.

Enable you to extract knowledge for all your data forms

Ingest your data from Azure sources as well as third-party sources via connectors. Extract content from PDFs, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and CSV.

Custom solutions for your challenges.

Integrate custom models and classifiers with custom language and framework.
Explore your insights with pre-configured search, analytics tools, and applications.

Help you gain valuable insights faster from any content

Extract information from images, videos, audio files, forms, web pages, and documents, without building and managing individual AI services.
We enrich your content understanding with cognitive abilities such as image classification, face recognition, language detection, and key phrase extraction. These produce new fields in your search index that were natively unavailable in the source.

Knowledge Mining Services
Source: HBR

Get started with SAXON’s document intelligence

We help you discover value, understand data, and accelerate data to intelligence to make informed decisions faster. Your documents can be contracts, invoices, and documents of any type where we help you.

Cut down the cost

Avoid manual efforts to extract data

Increase time to data

Avoid human errors

Open door to new opportunities

Make intelligence driven decisions

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