Master Data Management

Enhance accuracy, visibility, and clarity with islands of high-quality managed information for different business areas.

Enterprises are adapting to technology faster, and the challenges related to the inaccuracy of data and reports are mounting. Data has gone heaps in volume, variety, and velocity. Businesses are often challenged with consolidation and structuring data across information silos. Master Data Management solutions can help enterprises improve the consistency and quality of different data sets. AI and ML initiatives can succeed if you access unified, trusted data for better and informed data-driven decisions.

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Master Data Management (MDM) – A Business Approach, not a technology implementation

MDM is about the control, governance, and ownership of your data within the organization. Choice of an MDM solution is secondary, and it is a business approach and not a pure-play technology implementation.

Saxon’s Master Data Management services initiative provides information solutions that help enterprises handle large data volumes effectively and provide a robust data platform connecting businesses’ and stakeholders’ information.

Master Data Management Solutions – Saxon

Our experts can help you with the advisory, implementation, and operations of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. We work with businesses to address the following challenges using our MDM solutions:

Employee Master Data Management

A single record for all the employee data – personal details, financial, tax, health and well-being, performance, training, hierarchy, and growth. Access to all these information saves a lot of effort for HR departments and improves the experience for your employees too. Your employees can navigate through their needs at self-service rather than being lost in siloes organizational departments.

Product Master Data Management

With increasing focus on customer-centric, product data is equally important as the product features. The main product attributes, features, data sheets, and assets need to be synchronized for a better view to enable a strategic approach for any digital business. We enable a single source of truth with all the product-related information for transparency and confidentiality to your partners, customers, and employees.

Location Master Data Management

As personalization is the new trend in influencing buyers, location data is more important than ever. When connected to the related data sets, location details of stores, warehouses, distribution points, assets, customers, suppliers, and employees give you more insights about the most critical business decisions. Questions like the product optimum mix for a location and establishment of new facilities can be easily answered with a centralized repository of location information.

Supplier-centric MDM

You might have many suppliers for a product, but the definition of the product should be the same in all your information directories. Supplier-centric MDM is about the control of suppliers and products and creating an internal catalog from external information. Most important is to avoid duplication of the product and supplier data to enable a unified internal view of the external supplier landscape.

Customer-centric MDM

It is more about creating value for organizations and not just about revenue opportunities. We focus on improving your interactions with your customers and reducing the marketing and sales costs. Customer-centric MDM is not just about understanding your customer relationships but also about the products or services they prefer – interests and purchases. We not only leverage your internal customer data but also consider external information from partners and social media. A holistic view of the customer is obtained across all the touchpoints to enhance your campaign and sales performance.

Asset Master Data Management

No matter what, digital representation of the physical assets needs to be reliable and trustworthy. Our experts connect all your fixed assets, physical and digital assets with a common terminology so that a single source can access the costs and replacement or maintenance-related information.

How do we deliver MDM Benefits?

  • Providing more secure, governed self-service access to trusted data.
  • Deeper insights with customer and vendor data.
  • Proactive data management with customized and intuitive dashboards.
  • Enabling governance and regulatory compliance.

Working with our technology partners and leveraging our long-term leadership in the data industry, we ensure that MDM improves information management and can deliver the maximum benefit by improving enterprise operations