Modern Delivery

Implement modern enablers like Microservices and Containers and adopt DevOps to reduce technical debt.

As you shift to the cloud, customer value may fall short if your underlying architecture is outdated. Monolith approaches, inflexibility in software development, and lack of Agile methodologies pile up the technical debt. The core elements of Modern delivery – Microservices, Containerization, automation, CI/CD, and DevOps already exist. How to deliver at the speed of technical demands?

An organization’s success is about disassembling and reassembling technical components to bring more fluidity.
Every day is now a release day to continue adjusting the delivery speeds of products and services.

Why do you need to transform with Modern Delivery Approaches?

  • Isolate failures
  • Data is decentralized
  • Continuous delivery will be easier
  • Scalability will be independent
  • Applications tech stack can differ through Microservices
  • The smaller code base for developers to work

How do we enable Modern Delivery?

Are you considering the paradigm shift to DevOps and cloud-native architecture for improving agility? We at Saxon help organizations develop and implement cloud-native architecture while navigating the DevOps approach. Our experts will help you to cut licensing costs and reduce Capex within the initial year of deployment.

Microservice Architecture

Microservice Architecture DesignDesign

With a focus on user experience and customer-centric transformation, we will help you design a robust Microservice architecture.

Microservice Architecture ProductizeProductize

Our experts will focus on domain analysis to identify common and variable parts to drive the productization of every application bundle.

Microservice Architecture BenefitsBenefits

  • Increased speed and scalability
  • Rollout applications faster
  • Improved reliability
Modern Delivery Modern Delivery

Container Orchestration

Container Orchestration StrategyStrategy

Our experts will assess your application landscape to help you build, configure, and deploy the best enterprise container platform.

Container Orchestration PackagePackage

Simplify the managing, monitoring, and deploying your applications in VMs with innovative technology like Docker.

Container Orchestration DeployDeploy

Enhance your built-in capabilities and deploy Docker applications with a Container orchestration system like Kubernetes.

Container Orchestration BenefitsBenefits

  • Minimize IT overheads
  • Higher consistency and efficiency through the development cycle
  • High availability
Modern Delivery Modern Delivery


A modern architecture generates high value if coupled with Agile methodologies and DevOps.

DevOps AssessmentAssessment

Our experts will visualize the desired DevOps roadmap with traceable KPIs.

DevOps Pilot FrameworkPilot Framework

Integrate existing tools with robust open source and licensed tools in the DevOps framework.

DevOps ImplementationImplementation

Analysis, implementation, and automation | Monitoring feedback and troubleshooting

DevOps CI/CD PipelineCI/CD Pipeline

Code repository, version control, customized CI/CD implementation, and plug-ins

DevOps BenefitsBenefits

  • Reduce time to market by up to 50% with streamlined delivery
  • Delivering new app functionalities faster and improve productivity
  • Stable, secure, and improved resiliency
Modern Delivery Modern Delivery

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