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Build resilience, maximize value, and drive innovation with modern business applications. Enhance customer and employee experiences and unlock new growth avenues with cloud-native applications harnessing AI capabilities.

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At Saxon AI, we leverage our Microsoft partnership to offer comprehensive modern business application development services, including consulting, development, modernization, integration, and managed services.

Modern Enterprise Apps – Advisory, Strategy, and Consulting

Our tailored digital strategy and consulting services help you create a strategic roadmap for application innovation – from identifying the right use case, to planning and implementation and furthermore to ongoing maintenance. With our expert-led guidance, you can identify potential opportunities and challenges and prepare risk mitigation plans to achieve maximum value from your digital initiatives.

Low-code/no-code application development

Equip your teams with bespoke business applications faster than ever. At Saxon AI, we build smart business applications using low-code/no-code, reducing the dependency on IT and eliminating tech debt . Application development, automating workflows, using AI to accelerate the quick time value, integrating with existing LoB applications for a seamless data flow is our forte. The low-code/no-code applications seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, breaking operational bottlenecks and streamlining processes.

Application Migration

Migrate your business applications from conventional, code-intensive technologies to the Microsoft tech stack. Harness cutting-edge tools and technologies to extend the capabilities of your business applications and integrate them with other systems for streamlined operations. Accelerate development while decreasing dependency on IT teams and scale your applications to match your changing needs.


Enable your applications to work in tandem with other applications and create a close-knit ecosystem with Saxon AI’s application integration services. We help you break down geographical and departmental silos across your organization and enhance employee and customer experiences with consistent workflows.

Legacy Application Modernization

Drive innovation and streamline collaboration with Saxon AI’s legacy modernization services. Transform your legacy systems into more efficient, scalable, and compatible modern systems catering to your changing business needs.

AI-infused apps

Transform your traditional applications with AI capabilities, such as generative AI, natural language processing, voice recognition, computer vision, etc. At Saxon AI, we specialize in integrating applications with cutting-edge AI models to enhance performance and deliver more personalized experiences to users.

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Simplify and streamline business processes with our intelligent workflow automation services. By harnessing cutting-edge tools and AI technologies, we integrate your internal and external systems and eliminate friction in operations. With the human-in-loop approach, the intelligent automation solutions efficiently handle complex workflows and allow your employees to focus on truly important aspects of their jobs.

Intelligent business apps

Implement intelligent business applications that leverage integrations and AI-driven automation capabilities to ensure seamless flow of data. With our intelligent business apps, we help you gain real-time visibility into your systems and processes to make data-driven decisions.

Managed Services

Beat resource crunch and reduce burden on in-house IT teams with Saxon AI’s application managed services. With deep knowledge and profound experience technology tools and services, we help you achieve optimal performance and drive continual innovation.

Embrace modern apps for the modern age

Modern business apps what’s in it for you?

Strengthen resilience

Show resilience to changing market dynamics and business needs with highly customizable and scalable modern enterprise applications. We make sure the cloud-native applications quickly recover from failures, ensuring minimum disruption and high availability.

Streamline data flows

We build modern business applications that seamlessly integrate with your internal and external systems to ensure streamlined data flow and frictionless cross-functional collaboration.

Improved efficiency

The bespoke modern business applications facilitate intelligent workflow automation and streamline collaboration, optimizing resource utilization and improving operational efficiency.

Boost productivity

The intelligent business applications automate repetitive tasks and enable people to focus on what truly deserve their attention. Modern business apps expedite processes and unlock unprecedented productivity.

Optimize costs

We implement proven cost optimization frameworks to ensure optimum utilization of resources and improved performance, reducing overall costs of your business applications.

Improve data security

At Saxon AI, we implement robust data governance frameworks and guardrails to ensure strong data security and privacy, enhancing trust and credibility.

Modern business application development

Why Saxon AI?

We are committed to delivering business value and continuity that align with enterprise expectations in the AI-driven world. Our tailored modern business app services offer a competitive advantage to our customers. Our expertise lies in creating bespoke, digital, and market-ready business applications that unlock unparalleled opportunities and enhance process efficiency.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Services partner, we have a direct line to the latest Azure and Power Platform innovations and best practices. This partnership signifies our commitment to delivering top-tier modern business application development services.

20+ years of experience

With over two decades of IT experience, we have honed our skills and developed a deep understanding of the ever-evolving cloud and app development landscape. Our track record of success speaks volumes about our expertise.

Proven track record

At Saxon AI, we have helped numerous organizations across industries worldwide transform their businesses through cloud-native business applications. Our satisfied clients stand as a testament to our dedication and excellence.

Dedicated team

Our team of certified app development professionals is passionate about helping you achieve your goals. We're committed to providing unparalleled support and guidance throughout your journey with Saxon AI.

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Archana Aila

Archana Aila

Position Here

With 2 years of hands-on experience in Power Platform, I’ve excelled in developing and implementing solutions for businesses, harnessing the power of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents to streamline processes and enhance productivity. My proficiency extends to crafting custom applications, automating workflows, generating data insights, and creating chatbots to aid operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

With an intermediate knowledge in Azure cognitive services, incorporating them into Power Platform use cases to innovate and solve complex challenges. My expertise in client engagement and requirements gathering, coupled with effective team coordination, ensures on-time, high-quality project deliveries. These efforts have yielded significant accomplishments, solidifying my role as a valuable asset in this field.

Palak Intodia

Palak Intodia

Position Here

I am a tech graduate with a strong passion for technology and innovation. With three years of experience in the IT industry, I’ve been on a continuous journey of professional growth and skill development. My expertise lies in Power Apps and Automate, where I’ve had the privilege of contributing to multiple successful projects.

I’m dedicated to delivering results that not only meet expectations but also drive the success of the projects I’m involved in. I’m committed to my ongoing professional development and the pursuit of excellence.


Roshan Jaiswal

Position Here

With nearly 2 years of dedicated experience in Power Platform technology, my expertise lies in crafting customized business solutions using Power Apps and Power Automate. I excel in identifying intricate business requirements and translating them into innovative, user-friendly applications. My daily tasks involve meticulously deploying applications across diverse environments and harnessing the full potential of the Microsoft ecosystem within business applications.

I have proven my adaptability by consistently meeting the demands of creating responsive and scalable applications. Also seamlessly integrating complex workflows and data sources, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and driving sustainable business growth.


Sugandha Chawla

Position Here

Sugandha is a seasoned technocrat and a full stack developer, manager, and lead. Having 8 years of industry experience, she has been able to build excellent working relationships with all her customers, successfully establishing repeat business, from almost all of them. She has worked with renowned giants like Infosys, Ernst & Young, Mindtree and Tech Mahindra.

She has very diverse and enriching work experience, having worked extensively on Microsoft Power Platform, .NET, Angular, Azure, Office 365, SQL. Her distinctiveness lies in the profound domain knowledge, managerial skills, and process mastery, that she additionally holds, as a result of possessing a customer facing role, working with different sectors, and managing and driving numerous critical executions, single-handedly, end to end.

Vibhuti Dandhich

Vibhuti Dadhich

Position Here

Vibhuti, a Power Platform technology evangelist, has passionately embraced the transformative potential of low-code development. With a background that includes experience at EY and Wipro, she’s been a trusted advisor for clients seeking innovative solutions. Her expertise in unraveling complex business challenges and crafting tailored solutions has propelled organizations to new heights.

Vibhuti’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and her forward-thinking approach have solidified her as an industry thought leader. Her mission is to empower businesses to thrive in the digital age, revolutionizing operations through the Power Platform.

Ruturaj Kulkarni

Ruturaj Kulkarni

Position Here

With 8 years of dedicated expertise in the IT realm, I am a seasoned professional specializing in .NET technologies and Microsoft Azure Cloud. My journey encompasses a profound understanding of software development using the .NET framework and a robust command over Azure’s cloud ecosystem. Throughout my career, I’ve demonstrated a knack for crafting scalable and efficient solutions, leveraging the power of cloud computing.

My passion lies in staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that my skills align seamlessly with the dynamic landscape of IT. Ready to tackle challenges and drive innovation, I bring a wealth of experience to any project or team.