Predictive Analytics

Don’t’ Predict The Future, Predict The Opportunities and Risks to Build The Future. Predict The Risks and Opportunities With Accuracy.

Dealing with a massive volume of data is challenging for most CIOs in today’s data-driven world. Enterprises with a robust data analytics architecture manage their data smoothly and get access to business intelligence to make better-informed business decisions. They build trust and relationship by proactively meeting the customer preferences and aligning their services to their behavior. One of the integral parts of a healthy data analytics architecture is Predictive analytics. Predictive analytics combines advanced data analytics techniques that use historical data to predict future risks, opportunities.

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Predictive analytics help you to transform your business operation. It helps you uncover the trends and patterns in the data to help you anticipate future events.

Industry Facts

Predictive analytics is projected to reach approximately $10.95 billion by 2022 , growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 21 percent – Report issued by Zion Market Research.

58% of enterprises are seeing a significant increase in customer retention and loyalty from using customer analytics Forbes

How Can Our Predictive Analytics Models Help You

Be Future Ready

  • Customers Churn: Retaining your existing customers is far more economical than acquiring new ones, and that puts customers churn and retention strategy the most crucial for the organizations. Our experts will analyze the historical data of your customers to identify which customers have more probability to churn and possible reasons. Our detailed analytical reports and insights will help you integrate the effective retention campaign for the targeted customers in a timely manner.
  • Recommendation Systems: Quality recommendations are the reasons why customers engage more with particular organizations. Our recommendation systems allow enterprises to embed more personalized experiences to connect and engage with their customers, improving customer lifetime value. Our predictive analytics solutions are tailored and customized to enterprises’ goals and objectives.
  • Customer Segmentation: Knowing your customers better than your competitors improves your chances to succeed in the market. Every customer has different needs and demands. Our experts help you identify the groups of selected customers looking for similar services and products and share common behavioral patterns. It helps enterprises to segregate customer groups into different categories.
  • Optimize Customers Lifetime Value: Your challenge to predicting LTV ends here. Our predictive analytics solutions ensure you make the correct prediction for your customers’ lifetime value. With the help of AI and ML, we can help you to predict the LTV.
  • Demand Forecasting Predictive Model: Boost your service levels and reduce the inventory cost by improving your demand forecasting. We develop customized demand forecasting models with historical data of both external and internal factors that impact the demands trends.
  • Promotional Campaigns Predictive Model: Predictive analytics enables CMOs to implement advanced marketing tactics to have more impact on their marketing campaigns. We build customized predictive analytics models to allow marketers to predict the right channel and time to communicate with the target customers.

Empower Your Enterprise With The Power of Predictive Analytics. Predict Your Business Success with Us.

Your Data Tells Everything, Let Us Decode It

Enterprise data is a powerful asset that can empower enterprises to predict future events and outcomes. Every customer interaction with the enterprises, whether it is purchase, acquisition, complaints, loyalty, provides experiences to the enterprises to learn from it. Predictive analytics help enterprises utilize this power source and develop predictive models with ML and AI tools. We help you to build custom-built predictive models that fit your business’s core purpose. Predictions are better when they are made based on the data. Our team of enterprise data analytics solutions ensures only quality data filters to the predictive analytics model.

Your Data Tells Everything, Let Us Decode It
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Data Extraction
Data Analysis
Data Modeling
Predictive Analytics Insights
Business Value

We have helped customers to:

  • Improve customer retention
  • Exceed customer experience
  • Improve marketing campaign efficiency
  • Reduce inventory cost
  • Optimize customer acquisition rate
  • Retrieve real-time insights of the customer behavior
  • Improves customer brand loyalty
  • Boost the team performance
  • Increase sales and revenue

Why Clients Love Us

Advanced Technologies To Build Predictive Models

Technology is an ever-evolving domain, and you have to pace up with it to get the most out of your data. The more advanced technologies you are equipped with, the better predictive models you can build. We follow the same principle in keeping our technologies updated to meet the market demands, and a better predictive model ensures a better impact.

We Grow As You Grow. Scalable Outputs

When we predict the business success path for your business, we also ensure we meet your growing business needs. We scale up our predictive analytics services as your business grows.

Our Team

We bet on our highly professional team to deliver excellence to the clients. We have a team of certified data experts tuned to understanding your business objectives to develop predictive models.