Robotic Process Automation

Rethink, Reinvent your data management and processes with Intelligent Automation. Resolve your productivity challenges with Automation, now imperative in every digital business process.

Overcome your data operations bottlenecks, amplify your decisions, and reduce costs leveraging our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other application modernization services.
We at Saxon augment your automation needs with AI&ML so that your team can replace a few tasks digitally. We go beyond strategy and implementation of Automation to the continuous optimization of the tech stack to deliver the highest performance for being insights-driven.

Focus on areas that can unleash value:

Domain and case-based

Every business has a few unique processes and industry-defined functions. We focus on your unique and common challenges and present you with a case-based solution to every scenario.

Accelerate your insights journey

We analyze your data processes and management to develop a tailor-fit solution that can speed up your time to market—implementation in weeks rather than months.


Our partnership with leading platforms like Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Power Platform can help our clients leverage the next-gen automation capabilities alongside other app modernization tools.

RPA Strategy and Roadmap

RPA Strategy and Roadmap

  • Automation Vision – Identify the future state, business benefits and align them with strategic business objectives
  • Create a roadmap with the technologies, resources, and frameworks that enables the data processes and realize your vision
  • Leverage best practices and process improvement initiatives in the data management automation lifecycle
  • Enable you with other technologies AI&ML, low-code for application modernization
  • Automation – The Imperative in Digital Transformation Framework

    Transforming your data operations with human-machine collaboration can accelerate your insights journey while staying ahead of your competition. Modernizing legacy systems are often expensive and cumbersome, but Automation is a gradual transformation of any process, anywhere. It can be any business process; our automation experts’ ambitions begin and end with processes in your data ecosystem.

    Saxon offers comprehensive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 3 steps:

  • Rethink: Assess the existing data processes and craft a strategy for efficiency
  • Reimagine: We re-engineer your data management and business processes with RPA and cognitive technologies
  • Reinvent: Leveraging our partnerships like Automation Anywhere and consulting expertise, we implement automation tools for a quick turnaround
  • RPA Automation
    RPA Consulting

    RPA Consulting

  • Identify the most crucial automation opportunities leveraging our expertise and AI-based learning
  • Broaden your use cases with collective thought sharing from all the stakeholders
  • Feasibility analysis and process mining to capture the current state
  • Future state and assessment including efficiencies, data management, and ROI
  • RPA Services and Solutions

  • The tech stack that fits right for any process automation – digital, IT processes, data processes, HR, and Finance
  • Highly repetitive and error-prone data management tasks are identified (data entry, ingestion, masking) and enabled through Automation
  • Data governance automation with data lineage knowledge based on metadata
  • Leveraging AI to efficiently manage your data processes like data capture, connection to multiple data sources, and data ingestion.
  • Partnership with leading RPA vendors like Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Power Platform to offer our clients the best RPA platforms in the market
  • RPA Services and Solutions

    Introducing InsightBox

    A data platform that accelerates the journey of data to actionable intelligence.

    InsightBox is designed to address your organization’s data needs, connecting any data sources and translating them to an organized data environment, better visualization, prediction, and decision-making. Industry and function-specific library of reports/dashboards help you get started with your dashboard in just a day.
    Efficiency at the nucleus, this platform is designed to reduce time to data, increase data visibility and facilitate better decision making.



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