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360 Degree Data Engineering Services to create intelligent enterprises
Data becomes an asset if it can be transformed at the right time into relevant information and intelligent insights for businesses to act. Our solutions enable businesses with automated data ingestion, rapid data pipelines, and better-quality data for faster actionable intelligence.

As you streamline your processes for large datasets, you may need a trusted partner to migrate to the cloud and ensure data distribution and availability at scale. Whether you are a retail business trying to understand your customer behavior, healthcare provider moving to the cloud, insurance business predicting your claims, we accelerate your time to value by providing holistic data and analytics solutions.

Enterprise DataOps Solutions

Enterprise DataOps

As the business and technology landscape evolves to serve customers across various channels, there is a pressing need to modernize the data and analytics infrastructure to support new data sources and information needs. Bringing the DevOps culture to data is enabling businesses to transform their data management and data analytics. The massive spinning of disposable data environments becomes possible with DataOps strategies like automation and cloning. A few of them include:

  • Data processes automation For more agility, the DataOps framework considers the data infrastructure as just code. You can automate your entire data pipeline – Extraction, Loading, and Transformation (ELT).
  • Data democratization Blueprint data models, including ingestion, orchestration, and transformation, can be replicated, and the same can be re-used. A diverse range of employees can access these, and management is also done at ease.
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    Data Migration Solution Solutions

    Data Migration Solution

    Most businesses perform data migration regularly, and it is a necessary business process. Lack of automation and a strategy can slow down the process and result in downtime for business-critical applications. We automate your data migration from any database to the cloud with the confidence of best practices and eliminate the guesswork from planning, executing, and maintaining your data pipeline. A few of our automation strategies in the data migration solution:

  • Inspecting schemas Intermittent checks in the migration plan to prevent any potential failures
  • Validations in pre-migration Blueprint data models, including ingestion, orchestration, and transformation, can be replicated, and the same can be re-used. A diverse range of employees can access these, and management is also done at ease.
  • Re-usable migration plans Identify the tools that can be re-used and create any repeatable mechanisms leveraging automation
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    Data Integration Solution Solutions

    Data Integration Solution

    Connectors that are self-build involve many costs and maintenance and are less capable of adapting to emerging opportunities. If you use customized connectors, your team may not add any new data source at the last minute or scale up to ease the data integration. Discover new insights as we help you to connect to any data source with pre-built data connectors and pipeline templates that offer seamless transformation in a matter of minutes. Our pre-built connectors can:

  • Data ingestion from numerous sources You can connect to any database, flat files, Social media, CRM/ERP, internal support systems, Marketing systems with our custom APIs.
  • Data from third-party apps You need not worry about any third-party apps. Data can be imported with custom APIs. Security and governance of your data is ensured.
  • Any data source in minutes Your team has to provide the API configuration, and we can set up your data source at ease and running in minutes.
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    Cloud Data LakeSolutions

    Cloud Data Lake

    Are you facing challenges in auto-scaling your data lake and with information silos? To support our customers as they bring in substantial data volumes, accepting data in its native format from various data sources, we build a cloud data lake that drives more intelligent, data-driven decisions. A few best practices that we follow while setting up a cloud data lake:

  • Data ingestion We ensure zero data loss and see the data transformation done in a single go. Also, we see that the data ingestion is done in the most optimized format in the correct partition, alongside the ability for re-ingestion.
  • Data layouts Analyzing the raw data sets become tedious and cumbersome. So we use a few ways like columnar data formats, data partition, and stats-based cost optimization to reduce query overheads.
  • Data governance Strong focus on data oversight, regulatory compliance, and role-based access control for data management.
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    Single View of Customer Solutions

    Single View of Customer

    Do you want to create a compelling customer experience? Are you looking for a holistic view of your customers across their buyer’s journey?

    We create a customer 360-degree view by leveraging all the data sources and insights across your business.

    A single view of the customer provides insights about their preferences, digital footprint enabling businesses for targeted product or service recommendations and curated experience.

    We leverage behavioral, transactional, CRM data, and social media data powered by advanced analytics models to better understand your customer.

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    Enterprise DataOps Solutions

    Data Governance & Trust

    As the value of data as a strategic asset continues to grow, our enterprise data governance services help solve some of the most persistent challenges in data management, thereby reducing risk and building trust. A few data discovery principles that we implement for effective data governance:

  • Metadata management A few insights like customer churn need disparate and new datasets. So, we create a data dictionary for end-users to explore. It typically has the information about where the data resides and what is in it.
  • Data lineage For users to trust the data, data lineage allows a data origin and lifecycle map to showcase any modifications through the data processing and insights
  • Data catalog Adding data descriptions, the context of how the data came in, and keeping the metadata in sync with it can speed up the data discovery.
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