Netezza Repalcement Solution

Migrate From Netezza To The Preferred Cloud Architecture

Netezza Replacement

Achieve Greater Performance and Save Millions of Dollars with Netezza Replacement!

We will be your trusted partner in your transformation journey from Netezza to your preferred cloud environment. Our flexible and scalable solution enables you to get rid of Netezza pain points and provide 10x better performance.

Our Transformation Approach:

Our approach is designed in such a way that enables to migrate from Netezza in a quick and simple manner.

Netezza Replacement
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  • Automated inventory profiling
  • Data driven assessment of work loads
  • Capacity planning and resource optimization
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  • Hassle free migration of historical data and schema
  • Data migration to optimized schema
  • Automated handling and Performance tuning
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  • Auto generated validation scripts
  • Data based validation
  • Query based validation
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  • Execution and orchestration of the transformed logic
  • Detailed reports
  • Customized Dashboards
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    Cheaper and
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    Increased Productivity
    and ROI

    Cloud Migration Strategy

    Cloud Migration Strategy Our strategy is based on simple yet intelligent automation techniques that helps you migrate from Netezza in a quick, efficient and scalable manner.

    Netezza Conversion

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