AI has become a must-have in customer service. As organizations realize the importance of customer experience (CX) as a growth enabler, CX management will grow at a CAGR of 18% between 2022 and 2030, according to Grand View Research. The growth is mostly driven by AI, cognitive services like speech, text and voice-enabled search, and Natural Language Processing.

Do you think Chatbots are the primary use case for AI advancement in customer service? AI can assist customer service agents, understand sentiment from customer engagement, predict customer behavior to personalize recommendations, etc. Removing friction in customer interactions has become the key focus area in customer service. But useful friction should be intact so that customers can feel the human-centric approach.

Though many of us prefer to interact with chatbots to resolve our issues 24/7, most customers say that they could not get to resolve their problems with chatbots. Bots may not answer your every inquiry, but with the new AI-enabled tools they are well positioned to augment human interactions and not replace them.

With our exclusive expertise with various clients across industries, we have provided a few use cases for AI-led transformation of customer service. Grab a copy now to ideate use cases that may suit your business needs. Though these are not indefinite possibilities in customer service, you can get in touch with us with your business challenges. Our experts will help you co-create the best AI solution from pilot to execution.