The manufacturing sector has undergone significant changes during the pandemic. The sudden changes in production, plant shutdowns, labor shortages, and unpredictable supply chains shifted the focus of manufacturing leaders. While the initial focus was on improving efficiencies, now manufacturers seem to focus on the holistic benefits of technology with flexibility, agility, and performance in their strategic plan. The Chatbots’ implementation for their internal and external interactions is one among them.

The AI-powered chatbots simplify knowledge sharing, improve communications with customers, employees, suppliers, and vendors, and ease processes for better collaboration. Why do you need Chatbots for Manufacturing operations?

60% of customers prefer interacting with Chatbots rather than the virtual service agent.

Chatbots can address 80% of the repeatable interactions and queries in less than 5 mins.

Around 30% cost savings according to the business process.

How do you select the right Chatbot for your operations? Evaluate the following before you implement Chatbots:

  • How does it leverage AI to deliver the best solution?
  • What are the SLAs that Chatbot can change?
  • How does it transform the existing process?
  • Can you implement the Chatbot quickly?
  • Do you need customizations?
  • How does it enable a roadmap for holistic service

Before you understand the solution provider, you need to understand the service provider’s ability to visualize your business challenges and deploy the solutions accordingly. With our interactions with our experts across the manufacturing industry, we tried to provide a comprehensive list of use cases that can solve your business challenges. Grab your copy now.