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Cloud Computing, Other / July, 23 2020

Myth Vs. Reality of Cloud Migration Assessment

Digital transformation has taken center stage in today’s market, with cloud adoption playing an important role in providing definite success. According to recent estimates, around 90% of businesses are already leveraging the fun of cloud computing, and this number is only set to rise in the coming years. Even though the enormous success of cloud computing in multiple industries has been raised, there are certain misconceptions about cloud migration assessment. In this blog, we will debunk these myths and highlight the reality of cloud migration assessment. By understanding the true benefits and implications, enterprises can make informed decisions and achieve a seamless and cost-effective transition to the cloud. 


Myth 1: Cloud migration assessment is time-consuming and resource-intensive. 

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding cloud migration assessment is the time-consuming and resource-intensive process. This myth often stems from the traditional framework, which involves manual data gathering and analysis. Traditional IT computing needs to integrate a large set of hardware, software, and networking components. Collecting the data traditionally from all these sources and analyzing it for cloud adaptation assessment is often more time-consuming. 

Reality: With the advent of advanced technologies and automated assessment tools, cloud migration assessment can now be performed efficiently and accurately. It doesn’t need much IT support, the smart tools in the cloud leverage automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly gather and analyze data from various resources, providing organizations with a comprehensive assessment report in a fraction of the time and effort compared to traditional assessment methods. 

Myth 2: Cloud migration assessment lacks security and reliability. 

Another common myth in cloud migration assessment is that it lacks security measures and the assumption that reports generated are mostly inaccurate. Some organizations may believe that the assessment results are vague, leading to ineffective decision-making and potentially costly mistakes. 

Reality: When enterprises work with experienced cloud migration partners they are entitled to be having high level of accuracy and reliability in their assessment reports. These partners use agentless pre-migration transformational approaches that validate on-premises TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) based on live assets and custom assumptions. Additionally, they offer detailed and accurate application discovery reports, providing organizations with in-depth insights into the complexity of their existing infrastructure and dependencies. 

Myth 3: Cloud migration assessment lacks actionable insights. 

The other biggest misconception is about business insights. This myth implies that the assessment process does not provide clear guidance on how to proceed with the cloud migration journey.  

Reality: In reality, a well-executed cloud migration assessment can deliver actionable insights and recommendations to guide organizations in their migration journey. Cloud migration leverages innovative tools and techniques, enabling organizations to access detailed reports. These reports include recommendations based on the 6 Rs(Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild, Replace, and Retain) approach. The assessments also include deep dive storage analysis, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about their data storage requirements in the cloud environment. 

Apart from tackling the above misconceptions, cloud migration partners enable enterprises with 

  • Experiencing an agentless Pre-migration Transformational approach. 
  • Validate On-Premises TCO based on live assets and custom assumptions. 
  • Discover AWS Right-Sized Pricing Options 
  • Access detailed and accurate Application Discovery report. 
  • Visualize the complexity score based on Machine Dependency 
  • Develop a Migration Planner (SOW Calculator) based on 6Rs. 
  • Obtain recommendations with Deep Dive Storage Analysis   

Benefits of Cloud Migration Assessment. 

The main goal of Cloud Migration Assessment is to find the enterprise’s capability to migrate to the Cloud. It enables the smooth running of an organization’s digital transformation journey.  

Some advantages of embracing cloud migration assessment are: 


Cloud migration assessment allows organizations to have a detailed understanding of the cost implications of cloud migration. Organizations can make informed decisions and optimize their cloud investment by analyzing factors such as on-premises TCO, right-sized pricing options, and deep-dive storage analysis. 

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

Assessment reports offer insights into the scalability and flexibility of existing applications and infrastructure, providing organizations with guidance on the best migration approach

Improved Security and Data Protection

Cloud migration assessment helps identify potential security vulnerabilities and provides recommendations on how to enhance security measures during the migration process. 

Increased Agility and Innovation

Cloud migration Assessment enables a clear understanding of the current application landscape, dependencies, and complexities. By leveraging detailed reports and recommendations, organizations can prioritize applications for migration, refactor legacy systems, and embrace cloud-native technologies. 

Seamless Collaboration and Accessibility

Cloud migration assessment highlights opportunities for optimizing collaboration and communication processes, enabling organizations to break down silos and foster cross-functional teamwork. 

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Cloud migration assessment helps identify performance bottlenecks and dependencies, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud environment. Organizations can optimize their applications for improved performance, scalability, and reliability by leveraging cloud-native features and architectures. 

Now it is time to unlock your freedom of cloud migration by taking the first step of Cloud Assessment. Are you looking for the right cloud migration partner? We are here. 

At Saxon AI, we are excited to guide you along the cloud journey by understanding your areas of improvement.   

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