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Myth Vs. Reality of Cloud Migration Assessment

As the current market forces and the pandemic have accelerated the digital transformation, cloud migration assessment is pivotal for success. The traditional framework is proving to be expensive in both time and resources. We need a smart, cost-effective way, coupled with speed and accuracy to deliver an actionable assessment report. Before we learn about the innovative assessment framework, we must bust the myths surrounding migration assessment. 


In the absence of an experienced cloud service partner who can bring smart tools and innovative techniques to assessment, the above myths: 

  1. Deprive the true incentives of Cloud Migration 
  1. Create inefficiencies in the Cloud transformation roadmap 
  1. Impact the decision making of the stakeholders 

Organizations with a Cloud-First approach have moved away from the traditional application-centric or infrastructure-centric migrations to service-centric migrations. Working with right Cloud Migration Partners at the time of assessment they:  

  • Experience Agentless Pre-migration Transformational approach 
  • Validate On-Premises TCO based on live assets and custom assumptions 
  • Discover AWS Right-Sized Pricing Options 
  • Access detailed and accurate Application Discovery report 
  • Visualize the complexity score based on Machine Dependency 
  • Develop Migration Planner (SOW Calculator) based on 6Rs. 
  • Obtain recommendations with Deep Dive Storage Analysis  

Now it is time to unlock your freedom to cloud migration by taking the first step of Cloud Assessment.  

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