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We help enterprises achieve their transformation goals

Delivering technologies, solutions and outcomes that drive business growth

We create an authentic experience focusing on delivering digital and data transformation goals with sustainable business value. With our technology expertise, Microsoft relations, and our team of industry-leading consultants, we can help you achieve the capabilities and culture that data-driven organizations need to continue thriving.

We are bridging the gap between business outcomes and exponential technologies.

Our Data and AI Services

Designed for enterprise transformation and sustainable business outcomes

Modern Data

Bring modern data stack principles and approaches that provide collaborative development of insights through tight integration of data engineering and data science.

Intelligent Cloud

Create engaging experiences and maximize productivity with business apps. Enrich data with AI models to facilitate predictive modeling.


Building frictionless digital experiences cutting through barriers to scale and operationalize data and AI solutions on the cloud.


Ensuring optimal business growth Closing the risk preparedness gap and optimize interactions in the digital ecosystem

Our Solution Accelerators


Modern Data Solution

Shorten your time to data and insights by ~50% at a reduced cost and effort. Connect any data source, visualize any KPI in just a day.

Contract Intelligence

Dynamic analysis of contracts

Discover effortless, accurate, and automated manual document processing with meaningful extraction from contracts and save on cost, time, and effort.

Chatbot in a week

Enable powerful conversations

Empowered with AI, NLP, and Machine Learning technologies, we create virtual assistants and interactive chatbots in just a week, from concept to execution.

20Years Of Delivering Business Impact

Business and technology decision-makers clearly understand the importance of data and the benefits analytics can bring. Yet, they are flying blind a lot of the time, given that IT’s average time to respond to business requests around analytics.

From business strategy to technical development, our team of experienced data and analytics consultants will work with you every step of the way to develop tech-forward solutions to reach your business goals.

What Our Customers Say

“Thanks to Saxon, we were able to cut down our overall Time to Value By 50%.
Saxon delivered our next-generation Cloud-based POS and data management platform with Kiosk (IoT) integration gateway in 4 months, which ideally takes 8 to 12 months and a lot more dollars to get similar results with any team. We were delighted to work with the thought leadership, and the direction we got in deploying the Saxon Cloud platform delivering excellence is commendable. Thank you, Saxon team, for being a solid partner in our success.”

Franco Argueta

Managing Partner At MCATM


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