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Our Flagship Platform : Insightbox

A cloud-agnostic data accelerator platform supporting your Journey Of Data To Actionable Intelligence. Enhance decision-making with better data storytelling while maximizing data availability and better visualization. Shorten your time to data by ~50% at a reduced cost and effort. Connect any data source, visualize any KPI in just a day.

20Years Of Delivering Business Impact

Business and technology decision-makers clearly understand the importance of data and the benefits analytics can bring. Yet, they are flying blind a lot of the time, given that IT’s average time to respond to business requests around analytics.

From business strategy to technical development, our team of experienced data and analytics consultants will work with you every step of the way to develop tech-forward solutions to reach your business goals.

Our Core Principles

Single Source of truth
Single Source
Of Truth
Accessing multiple data sources for a common conclusion is a challenge every business would want to skip. With Saxon’s expertise, organizations testified a connected data experience across applications, which helped better decision-making and improved business performance.
data warehouse
Addressing the growing data volumes, evolving business needs, and rising maintenance costs is our forte. We help you derive maximum value from your existing data with a much lower total cost of ownership. We transform your legacy systems into modern machines by using technologies that help organizations keep up with the size and complexity of enormous data volumes.
Visualize Data Story
Data Story
Every data has a story, and visualization of it brings important takeaways and concepts to life. We possess the art of unlocking hidden insights by using suitable representations and laying the groundwork for your data visualization solutions. Capture the real value from data and improve your decision-making forms the nucleus of our execution.
Actionable Insights
There is no dearth of data in enterprises, and the real challenge lies in turning information into actionable insights. We blend our technical skills, domain knowledge, and the right technologies to transform data into insights making your critical decisions and bottom-line more data-driven. Our core expertise includes translating data to actionable insights, further leading to meaningful decisions.
The Future
Make informed decisions and future proof your business with effective decision-making. Existing data combined with machine learning algorithms helps enterprises blend numerous influential factors in predicting the future effectively. We bring the crystal ball to your business to see the future for you and take actions against customer churn or your supply chain or occupancy rate, product demand, or patient readmission rate.
Data Experience
Data Experience
Information and departmental data silos lead to uncoordinated strategies and hamper the decision-making process. We at Saxon help you connect all your business data across applications from different domains to deliver an intelligent, efficient, and win-win decision for the departments and organization. We deliver a personalized and connected data experience with real-time data and insights.

Data-Driven Solutions
For Accelerated Business Transformation

Data Engineering Icon
Data Engineering
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Data Analytics
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Data Governance
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Application Modernization
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What Our Customers Say

“Thanks to Saxon, we were able to cut down our overall Time to Value By 50%.
Saxon delivered our next-generation Cloud-based POS and data management platform with Kiosk (IoT) integration gateway in 4 months, which ideally takes 8 to 12 months and a lot more dollars to get similar results with any team. We were delighted to work with the thought leadership, and the direction we got in deploying the Saxon Cloud platform delivering excellence is commendable. Thank you, Saxon team, for being a solid partner in our success.”

Franco Argueta

Managing Partner At MCATM

Power Your Business
With Our Accelerators


With InsightBox, you can :

  • Achieve higher conversion rates and bigger basket sizes
  • Ensure efficient supply chains and faster fulfillment
  • Drive improved customer service and store performance
  • Freedom from legacy reporting tools
  • Effective and Efficient reporting
  • Create customized reports the way you want.
  • Data export to all formats, be it Excel, Word, PDF, PPT, CSV, HTML, JSON, etc.
Power BI Dashboard
App Hero Banner

App Hero

Leveraging App Hero, you can:

  • Plug and play solutions, customized for your every business function
  • Create flexible, automated functions and processes enabled by PowerApps
  • Accomplish agility with rapid app prototypes
  • Ease of use with standard connectors from Microsoft Power App Connectors
  • Easily create workflows using Power Automate to improve productivity and business process automation
  • Developers can share code across platforms and data management in a single click
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